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Trailer Park Boys : Countdown to Liquor Day – Movie Review

September 26, 2009

trailer-park-boys count down to liquor day

trailer-park-boys count down to liquor day

It was fun sitting in a theatre full of guys, so much testosterone there.

The comments about the women, their manhood, how they needed some, was something else. 🙂

I think there were only a smattering of girlfriends there and that’s about it.

This is a total guy flick and from the ages of the fans from 13 and up, most of them were under 18 years of age.

The movie was all talk and little action.

So you REALLY have to be into the trailer park boys to enjoy it.

I was surprised that they toned down the swearing, which was good because a younger audience could enjoy the movie.

The nudity is blocked, so you know when someone’s nude but your not seeing anything but a blurry patch, which I think was a great idea!

In that way a younger audience would be able to watch the movie and the show could develop more of a fan base that way.

I enjoy the movies, but can’t stand the tv shows because of the constant bleeping every 2 seconds.

I wish they would make the TV show with Less swearing so it wouldn’t be so annoying to people!

I’m sure all the guys will want to go to this movie and I enjoyed it, had some good laughs and loved the ending. 🙂

Great acting – Bubbles your my favorite, you and your kitties.

trailer_park_boys_bubbles with kitties

trailer_park_boys_bubbles with kitties

Good dialog, it was nice hearing a ton of guys chuckling at the punch lines.

They made me laugh, just listening to them laughing.

I loved the scenery, the close ups, the great camera shots, nice editing and good story line.

You know exactly what is going on and it’s easy to follow but it does have a few surprises along the way, which is good.

I’m sure you and the girls will enjoy it.

I just think you chickies need to give this movie a try.

If anything it will help you understand how men think, act and what tickles their funny bone.

Trailer Park Boys – Countdown to Liquor Day

Trailer Park Boys – Countdown to Liquor Day – The Boys Interview

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