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The Art of the Business Lunch – Robin Jay – Increase Sales

December 29, 2009

the art of the business lunch author robin jay book cover photo - linda randall the idea girl says wordpress

Another part of the authors quest to sell their books is networking.

Robin Jay shares what her new book is about.

Having a business lunch with potential clients to increase your market book sales.

Methods of selling your books to publishers, book sellers, and wholesalers.

The Art of the Business Lunch – Robin Jay – Increase Sales

robin jay photo author the art of the business lunch - linda randall - the idea girl says

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  1. December 29, 2009 11:15 am

    Hi, Linda ~
    Thank you for the shout out RE: the importance of business lunches, networking, and socializing in general. It’s a great way to sell books, meet influential people, and promote yourself.

    Another method that I’ve finally been able to try is a book trailer and – of course – any time you can speak about your book or topic, you’ll be able to drum up increased business. I am president of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau and publisher of “The Power of the Platform” anthologies for speakers. I just had a trailer made that promotes the anthology series AND the “POP” books. Check it out: I hired Frank Marquette at to do this – but it’s simple enough for anyone to create an animated PowerPoint to promote their work.

    Another tip I learned recently – from Mike Koenigs – is the 10-10-4 method. Video blogging is HUGE – in fact, YouTube is now consistently in the top 5 search engines. Get a FLIP video camera and record the Top 10 FAQs (frequently asked questions) about your book or topic – simple – just about 60-seconds each. THEN, record the Top 10 SAQs (SHOULD have asked questions – you know…the things most people don’t think of but are important to your work.) Then, post these on YouTube, iTunes, Yahoo, and Google Videos. I’m working on my Q’s over the holiday and should have them posted soon.

    And, of course, blogging. 🙂 But you know that! If any of your readers also speak and would like to get published, I’m currently seeking coauthors for the next book, “The Power of the Platform: Speaker on Life.” Contact info is on the bureau blog.

    Thanks again for the shout out. Happy New Year and best wishes for writing and publishing success to you and your readers. ~ Robin

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