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Dale Halaway – Chapter Sixteen – Book Review – Discovering Your Souls Purpose – The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Success – Robin Jay – Linda Randall

April 28, 2010
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Robin Jay - Jack Canfield - the power-of-the-platform-speakers-on-success - the idea girl says - linda randall

robin jay photo author the art of the business lunch - linda randall - the idea girl says

Dale Halaway - book review -Chapter 16 -Discovering Your Souls Purpose - The Power of the Platform - Speakers on Success - Robin Jay - Linda Randall

Dale Halaway – Chapter Sixteen – Book Review – Discovering Your Souls Purpose – The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Success – Robin Jay – Linda Randall

Quote from the book

Dale Halaway

President and CEO of Inspiring Seminars, LLC

International speaker

Transformational teacher

Master Sales Trainer

Life Coach, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals

Quote from the book

The Struggle to Find Our Purpose

“They wander from job to job or start up one business after another, never quite clicking with anything.”

“The Universe is trying to show them it isn’t in alignment with their true purpose.”

The Idea Girl Says

Dale Halaway talks about the importance of being in alignment with your higher self.  He gives you the keys to finding your purpose in life.  If you are out of alignment, Dale says that this can lead to you hitting  the wall every time and going nowhere.

Quote from the book


Dale talks about his programs

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

TLC – Transformational Life Coaching System

“This negative energy blocks the flow of positive energy – your higher self – the part of you that is your power, your strength, your creativity, your wisdom – your real self!”

“Negative energy generates more negative energy either in our physical bodies or in other aspects of our physical life. Because all energy is in a constant state of motion, no one can stop it from moving. In other words, we cannot escape from our negativity. The truth is we must deal with it through acceptance and by understanding its purpose, only then can we let it go.”

“In many cases, part of our soul’s purpose actually lies in our need to, clear out this negative energy.”

“I recommend the daily practice of self-inquiry, meditation and journaling, as these processes can help to slow us down and relax into our thoughts and feelings.”

“Life really begins once our souls get their own way with us. Imagine what it would be like to no longer be affected by what others are doing or saying!  This is emotional mastery, being emotionally clear, secure and stable. You are now the embodiment of our higher self.  By engaging in good quality inner work and turning the spiritual discipline of consciously releasing our negative energy through healthy and empowering methods, we discover how to master these emotions.”

The Idea Girl Says

Dale Halaway really brings a  key point home for me.  I’m always troubled by what people say or do to me. In fact it often interferes with my work.  If I get in a bad mood, I cannot write.  I tend to be “too” negative if I try, so I know not to.  I definitely can benefit from this chapter about negative energy.  I was holding too much of it in me and it kept bringing negative things my way.  For years I’ve felt helpless about this in my life. I didn’t know I could change it.  I’m so thankful that Dale has shown me how to release the negativity in my life and to draw or attract positive things to me.

Now I do have another question though.  What is success?  If you are a writer and blog on a daily basis, how do you measure your level of success? Is it by the amount of money you make? No.  Lots of writers don’t make a penny off of what they do. (that’s me in a nutshell)  Do writers get a feeling of satisfaction out of what they do?  The answer is yes.  We write because we love doing it and it makes us feel happy and content inside.  Hopefully with practice and patience we will follow our higher self and it will lead us to a path of success.

Quote from the book


“Those who live in judgment are the ones who end up paying the price. When somebody is judging, they really have some part of themselves in judgment and probably aren’t even conscious of it.”

“Judgment creates a separation or division which keeps people from being in alignment with their higher self.”

“What most people don’t realize is that the very thing we judge in others actually becomes locked into place and strengthens.”

“We usually judge others on those things that we dislike about ourselves.”

The Idea Girl Says

I remember a saying about judgement – “When you point a finger at someone just remember that there are four fingers pointing back at you!”  I used to say that to anyone that “judged” me.  You can’t always judge a book by its cover either.  Everyone has good and bad days, give someone the benefit of the doubt.  Dale talks extensively about how judgment can affect everything in your life, even your personal life.  It really does take you out of alignment with your higher self.  You become “obsessed” with what the other person is doing all the time.  It causes you to be annoyed and uptight and honestly it’s just a reflection of you.

Quote from the book


“Within us we have masculine and feminine energy, or yin/yang energy. When these two energies are not in harmony with each other, an imbalance occurs.”

“Healing our subconscious body sets us free from all our negativity and judgment and it brings us back into balance.”

The Idea Girl Says

Dale Halaway will show you how to heal several areas of your life, connect to your high self, get in alignment with the universe and find the balance that you need to become a well rounded person.

I feel alive now, I learned how to release the negativity in my life and anytime I feel bogged down about things, I can grab “The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Success” and read a chapter that will speak to my heart, soul, mind and body.

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