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Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock Music Video

June 5, 2010


Elvis Presley Photo - Jail House Rock 1957

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock  Music Video

the idea girl says

Now I know where I’ve seen this stage before!

Can you believe it?

I know that Adam Lambert reminds me a bit of Elvis Presley (dance, moves, costumes, singing talents)

Now a stage!

I wonder if American Awards saw my suggestion to do a Elvis like presentation for Adam?

I think it would be cool if Adam Lambert did a REMAKE of THIS song!

It’s one of my favorite Elvis songs.

If they do..

Release it at Christmas!

Thats when were always looking for “Elvis songs” for granny, auntie and the classic rockers collectors out there!

Jail House Rock 1957

Songwriters – Jerry Lieber, Mike Stoller

Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller song writers for jail house rock - elvis presley

Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller are among the most influential songwriters and music producers in post World War 11 popular music, with RnB, boogie woogie, Rock & Roll influences. In 1953 they formed Spark Records with Lester Sill which was later bought by Atlantic Records. A string of ground-breaking hits followed including ‘Hound Dog,’ Love Me,’ ‘Loving You,’ ‘Don’t,’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock’ for Elvis Presley. In the mid 1950’s, The Drifters began working with Lieber & Stoller and in 1959 hits such as ‘There Goes My Baby’, which introduced the use of strings and Latin tinged rhythms and a powerful black sound leading into the soul music that would follow, working with Ben E. King and introducing a session musician Phil Spector! This was a huge hit for The Drifters, a two million seller.

In 1985 they were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and in 1987 the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and they have also been given a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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adam lambert amerian idol finalist 2009 jail house rock elvis presley remake song idea girl says make it

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