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First Pretty Little Liars TV Show Promo in HQ – Author Sara Shepard

June 6, 2010

pretty little liars main cast

who can name the cast from left to right?

pretty little liars books - Sara Shepard

sara shepard - author of pretty little liars books

the idea girl says

here are some videos from youtube about this new tv show

I’m enjoying my weekend

I plan to celebrate my birthday (20th of june) every weekend for the month of june LOL

I went to the movies today to see “killers”

yesterday I got  a new bike and went for a bike ride (haven’t done that in YEARS)

I felt like a little kid again, trying to learn how to ride

but it wasn’t hard at all

It’s true, you pick it up right away.

Wonder what I’ll do tomorrow

pretty little liars tv show

clevverTV — March 04, 2010 — – Become a Fan! – Follow Us!

The Pretty Little Liars preview is right now on Clevver TV.

Hello hello and thanks for coming back to the show.  Coming to you from our Beverly Hills headquarters, Im Dana Ward.

ABC Family just hit us with some new promo shots from its much talked about upcoming series, Pretty Little Liars. Just to bring you up-to-speed first, this show is based on the uber-popular book series of the same name, and the tv series stars Lucy Hale in a group of friends living a seemingly perfect teen life… until one night, one of the bffs in the clique goes missing. One year later, the rest of the girls reunite as they start to get messages from an anonymous person who knows all of their secrets, causing their lives to be flipped upside down. Others to be haunted by the mysterious person are played by Ashley Benson, Torian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell.

So the new promotional pics to hit the public really introduce the characters to viewers. These girls are definitely pretty and stylish and likely popular at their school, based on the fashions and attitudes in action. It also seems that a ton of the show will take place actually IN the high school, and it seems the weird messages are coming via test as there are a few photos showing a shocked expression when looking at a cell phone.

There is still a bit of a wait, as Pretty Little Liars finally hits ABC Family in June. So who out there has read the book series? And how will this tv series compare? Leave a comment below telling us if you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan and then head over to our fan page at I’m Dana Ward – thanks for watching!

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