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chuck bolton How to work with anyone Linda Randall

July 8, 2010

Chuck Bolton Speaking Photos

the idea girl says

Looking at the sketches I learned something new and valuable about myself.

How I need to learn to interact with human beings on a personal level.

Behind a computer I am very comfortable, in person, I’m shy…

I can learn lots from Chuck Bolton’s video presentation – How to work with Anyone

Linda Randall

Idea Girl Consulting……
“I do not own any parts of this video. The music is copyrighted owned and licensed by EMI Music Canada Distribution 2004”

Sketches by Chuck Bolton
Video created by Linda Randall from Idea Girl Consulting

17 Same Direction
Big Shiny Tunes Vol 9
Label EMI Music Distribution 2004

arts, entertainment, business, employment, personality, people skills, consulting, management, executive, human resources, marketing, social networking, sales

chuck bolton june 26 2010

Linda Randall pic 007

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