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Incredible Ski Movie Josh – Liam Downey – XTremeVideo Youtube Sports Videos

September 4, 2010

XTremeVideo sports videos – wild stunts, sky diving, wind, surfing, around the world – awesome to watch!

the idea girl says

Looking for some excitement this weekend?

It’s rainy, cloudy, cold and crappy out there.

Inside were going to have some fun

check out the extreme channel, and subscribe, I love the stunts on there, WICKED…

posted their videos on all my blogs 🙂

Thanks to Lee Kazlow – a wrestler that reminds me of a younger version of Hulk Hogan sent me his youtube channel

and then I heard the tunes and found the extreme videos.


I sent a TWEET to Hulk Hogan telling him to get Lee who I see is an actor – to play the HULK as a teen, and have John Cena be the DAD

and put it in a FRED movie, for kicks 🙂

This would appeal to movie, comedy and WWE (younger fan base) and those who have been watching the Hulk for the past 20 years.

All in favour say AYE!

Love the Hulk 🙂

here is his twitter, let him know you want to see him in a MOVIE too!

@HulkHogan4Real this guy reminds me of you when you were younger, actor are you making a movie about ur life?:)

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