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Niagara Region – Nanowrimo 2010 Author Linda Randall Interview will be in Niagara This Week Newspaper on November 22, 2010

November 8, 2010

niagara this week newspaper will feature Nanowrimo 2010 author Linda Randall's Story about being published and her blogging in Canada


Niagara Region – Nanowrimo 2010 Author Linda Randall Interview will be in Niagara This Week on November 22, 2010

Grammy’s Magic Cottage has brought me some good magic already.

An interview with a Niagara College Journalist named Steph who will be publishing an interview about my novels, my blogs and how I love participating each year in the month of November for the National Novel Writing Month competition.

Last year it took me two days to write my novel The Calamity Girl – The Promotion and about two weeks to type it all up.

This year I did something different.

In seven days I wrote the novel by hand in my notebook and typed up the rough draft and completed the task.

Each day I took about four hours to write, another four hours to type and two hours to do blogs.  I also fit in my late all nighter two hour psychic investigations which I write about on my other blog.

Every day I update 8 blogs with music, movies and entertainment news.

Once my own personal novels become published then I’ll have to dedicate more time to promoting them.

I’m learning the ropes as I go along, if you can offer me advice and links on book sales, marketing trends that’s the next thing I plan to research.

I have two outlines to type up and one screenplay, other projects started earlier this year and not finished.

I became a published author in June 2010 in The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Life, thanks to Robin Jay.

My goal for writing 13 novels in 2010 has been achieved and it’s going to be about 14 novels and 2 screenplays, 100 squidoo websites and 8 daily blogs, a good network started on linked in, over  8 million visitors to all of my blogs combined, I’d say it’s been a very good year for me.

Soon I’m going to work on my “bucket list” and “career goals” lists for 2011.

One of them will be to produce my own youtube tv show or movies.

I haven’t decided which way to go yet, but I plan to bring you more entertainment and funny stuff.

A reminder my novels are online for reading enjoyment (the rough drafts) and someday I hope to have some published novels for you to buy so I can make an income as a writer.

If you know of any Literary Agents that are looking for a writer with a great imagination that likes to write for ALL genres, send them my way.

I have five series of novels so far:

The Munroe Series (historical fiction – Quebec, New York City, London England)

The Calamity Girl Series (women’s fiction)

Daisy the Dog Series (children’s books)

The Lilywind Series (children’s books)

Grammy’s Magic Cottage (possible young adult series just started in nov 2010)

I write novels that appeal to men, women, teenagers and children.

my personal blog where you can read about what I am doing as a author is:

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