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Leanna Banks – Underfoot – Book Review by Linda Randall

December 4, 2010

leanne banks usa best selling author - underfoot - the idea girl says - book reviews by linda randall

underfoot_ author leanne banks - usa today best selling author - the idea girl says - book review linda randall

the idea girl says

I was reading this book in bits and pieces all week long.

Because of the busy schedule I got to only read this during breakfast, lunch, supper and break time.

I had to put it down several times and force myself to stop reading this wonderful, witty page turner.

Great style of writing, Leanne Banks dives into the life of a single, career oriented successful business woman, who thinks everything is sweet, until all hell breaks loose after having a one night stand with a delicious, hot, handsome guy named Walker Gordon.

He sounds dreamy and the steamy sex scenes in this book gets your throttle in gear.

A good dose of what it’s like to be in labour, raise a child and become a single mother.

It’s almost like reading someone’s diary only in story form.

Refreshing and different then what I am used too, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading some of Leanne’s other books too!

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