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Emma Watson Lands Role In “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” Logan Lerman

March 2, 2011

Logan Lerman stars with emma watson in new movie 2011

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the idea girl says

here’s some info about emma watsons next movie role.


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Emma Watson landed a new movie role — we’ve got the full story and news on her co-star. Keep it at ClevverTV for the full story.

You’re back at ClevverTV — Hello everyone, I’m Joslyn Davis with news on our favorite pixie-haired beauty, Emma Watson. The Harry Potter alum has already lined up her next big movie gig with “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Up and comer Logan Lerman is also attached to the project, where he’s set to play 15 year-old Charlie, who is a bit of an outsider. As he navigates his first love — who by the way will be played by Emma Watson — he also must deal with the his best friend’s suicide, his own mental illness and simply finding a group of friends in which he feel s like he belongs.

The story will also be told through anonymous letters that really explore the ins and outs of Charlie’s extremely complex life and past. The film looks to be very emotional and multi-layered, and something that both Logan and Emma will be more than capable of doing very well. Let us know what you think about Emma’s new, very dramatic role? And stick with CLevverTV for all the details on this film, set to debut in 2012. Until next time, I’m Joslyn Davis in Hollywood — reminding you to follow @ClevverTV on twitter for non-stop updates on news you want. Thanks for watching, catch ya later!



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