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Big Bang Theory! Voted Fan Favorite Comedy 2011 – TV Guide Magazine chuck Lorre Bill Prady

April 22, 2011

the idea girl says

I was wondering if it was a live audience with all the laughter in the background

great to know it’s all real!


i can see this tv show surpassing the popularity of “friends” Order this special issue now! Subscribe now!
Join the stars of The Big Bang Theory for the TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites Awards 2011!

chuck lorre the big bang theory

Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady

bill prady

(now when i posted bill prady imbd brought up this photo on facebook so i’m not sure if its the right guy lol)

Steve Molaro with reed big bang theory co executive producer

(found a photo of him finally on reed which has photos of the cast)

Steve Molaro is one of the head writers for this show.


not sure if the photos i found are the right ones but i wish i knew who was writing the part for sheldon

i’d love to give them kudos – CREDIT for a job well done!


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