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NeverThinkStudios , Idols M.E.P, celebrity, photos, hollywood, stars, pop, rock, music, video

June 3, 2011

NeverThinkStudios , Idols M.E.P, celebrity, photos, hollywood, stars, pop, rock, music, video


the idea girl says

featuring fan made videos today.

youtube notes:

Hey guys, this is our latest MEP collab. We put a lot of love into this, as you can see, and we hope you enjoy it.

I chose Taylor, because I like her style, and I like it that she’s all like; F**k the world, I don’t care what you think of me! She’s much like me. I also don’t care about what people think of me, even if I was gothic, harajuku or scene. I don’t care!

I adore kris..since i first saw her on twilight.. she is incredible!!i love her smile, and the way she is:) it’s a bad time of my life but after makin a kri’s video.. i feel better..i can’t describe it!

Katie is the epiphany of amazing! She’s funny, beautiful, talented but most of all what i find inspiring about her is that she doesnt have “the perfect body” She isn’t stick thin but is gorgeous nonetheless. Also, like her, i have pale skin and dark hair so i look up to her as a woman who has defied what nowadays beauty is!

Nina is just so amazing and so beautiful. I like her smile, she’s smiling all the time, she’s like a sun. She is really warm person, kind, cute and sweet. Every time when i watch an interview with her i just cant stop smiling. Nina inspires me.

Chris Drew Ingle inspires me because he got himself out there, put his music on myspace and just made it. Not only that but he hasn’t gotten stuck up because of it. Also, his lyrics are so inspiring and his songs make so many people happy. He inspires me to do what I want and make it no matter what. He inspires me to make people happy.

Dear Kristen I’ve choosen you because you’re such a beautiful and amazing actress. I love the way you live your life. You just do what you want. And that’s what I like. You’re not like other Hollywood girls. You’re really special. I love your style and how you speak. And I’ve choosen that song because I think it fits you and you ARE perfect in every single way.

I chose Jared Leto because he encourages people to keep on dreaming and follow their dreams no matter what. I always feel better when listening to 30 Seconds to Mars’ songs, and he makes me feel stronger with the lyrics he writes and his inspirational quotes. Plus he’s talented as hell, and he’s really sensitive about certain stuff such as environmental issues or poor people. He’s such an inspiration to me and I love him to death.

Taylor Swift is my Role Model because she is beautiful inside and outside. She has a big heart and always cares about her Fans. I love her because she writes amazing songs and i can relate to many of them.Taylor is also a great inspiration for me.

So I chose to vid Emma Watson, because she is a big inspiration for me, and I liked her since she was playing Hermione in the first Harry Potter movie. She’s someone I’d like to be for one day, someone I can relate to. That’s why I vidded her.

Kristen Stewart opened my eyes to myself when I saw how ahe acted around people and it really made me feel confident and that it’s okay to be who you are and not anybody else and that you should not care what other people think of you. She even helped me find my style and attitude and she’s just a pure beauty queen and my main and only inspiration source.

One of the biggest reasons that I idolise Neil Patrick Harris is that he is a great role model for gay people. He is so proud of who he is and has shown that you can build a life no matter who you choose to love. His message ‘Stand tall, be proud of who you are’ reminds me to never doubt myself ,no matter what others think, and be proud of my choices. I find it hard to write down exactly how this man makes me feel, and I love him for too many reasons to count, but he is such a warm spirit and he makes my heart fill with love.

Taylor Momsen is my idol because she is not afraid to show who she is and she isn’t going to change for anyone but herself. I can get so much energie out of watching her interviews or reading her quotes. They make me feel something inside, something I can’t explain. She taught me you should always chase your dreams and be yourself

Kristen Stewart is my idol because she is not afraid of being herself. Even though there’s so much pressure on her she doesn’t give a damn. So I look up to her because there are not that many people that are brave enough to be themselves.

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