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Being Nikki – Author Meg Cabot – Book Review Linda Randall

July 21, 2011

being nikki author meg cabot book cover photo book 2 of the 3 airhead series of novels - linda randall the idea girl review


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the idea girl says

that’s what I get for grabbing the first book I see from Meg Cabot and running out the door with it.

I should have taken a look at the book cover but I didn’t bother too.

I was all excited when I opened the book it was so interesting.

Yes I was completely LOST in the first chapter.

Who is Em Watts, who is Nikki Howard?

Then I get further along and it explains they are the same…


So I keep reading feverishly and take a day off of blogging to get to the end of the book.

It’s not the end of the freakin story!

Not again!

I did it again!

There’s 3 books in this series and I’ve gone and read book 2.

Fabulous, fun, intriguing story

it’s like stepping into someone else’s skin

and then the story leaves you in a cliff hanger

now I NEED to read the first book to find out all about EM Watts and the third book to find out what happens

to Nikki Howard and Christoper….

Interesting story kept me on my toes through the whole book

Definite page turner

You can’t put it down once you start getting midway into the book so be forwarned

you want to grab all 3 books and start from the beginning with this airhead series.

I’m still trying to get all the books figured out for the princess diaries.

I saw the fabulous movie first and absolutely adored it.

At the time I didn’t know there was a book to read.

I happened to find it while browsing the shelves at the libarary

and I was delighted to find out there’s several books for that series.


Being Nikki really shows you what it’s like to feel foreign like an alien waking up out of dream and stepping into a REAL life nightmare of  a life….


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