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Betty’s Kitchen Brunch at Boone Tavern Restaurant in Berea, Kentucky, USA with Family – Travel – Restaurant Review

August 1, 2011

Betty’s Kitchen Brunch at Boone Tavern Restaurant in Berea, Kentucky, USA  with Family – Travel – Restaurant Review



Betty’s Kitchen is a cooking channel on youtube.  With videos and recipes showing you how to cook all sorts of interesting dishes, soups, salads, desserts and making ice cold refreshing drinks for your parties!


Betty also travels to various restaurants, reviews them, tries you recipes then goes home and tries to make her version of it.  Tasty treats and tourism ideas, great places to visit the next time your in the USA.


notes from Betty:


In this video, Betty and her family have brunch at Boone Tavern Restaurant in Berea, Kentucky (about 30 minutes from where we live). With me were my husband, Rick, our daughter, Chelsea, our son-in-law, Chris, and our grandson, Carter. Rick and I have shown you brunch at this restaurant before, but the food was different this time, and we wanted to show you more of their great food. The restaurant is owned an operated by Berea College. Rick and I have been to Boone Tavern many times to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. This was our second visit to the buffet. We enjoyed the buffet earlier this year during our 41st Wedding Anniversary celebration. I hope you enjoy seeing the food! I will be making at least one item from the buffet in a future video!–Betty 

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