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Airhead Author Meg Cabot Book Review Linda Randall

August 25, 2011

meg cabot author photo


airhead author meg cabot bookcover photo - book review linda randall

buy this fabulous book here:

the idea girl says

I wish I would have started with book one in the first place.

It filled in the gaps of things I read in book two that confused me.

It’s pretty similar in the story line I find with only a few new things here and there.

You really learn how to describe a characters’ looks and personality traits from reading all of Meg Cabot’s books.

Which is one of the biggest reasons I started reading her stories.

To learn how to write better character descriptions.

To get a feel for it.

Good research material for a new author and the story is great too.

I love her imagination but I did disagree on one point.

She says the body organs die first then the brain and I think it’s the other way around in real life. 🙂

But that’s okay, it’s fiction and the story works.

The suggestion that doctors are really doing this in secret kind of piqued my interest.

Which celebrities have actually gone through with a procedure like this and it’s worked?

Wouldn’t it be cool to find out years later that someone you loved and adored actually still existed?

Yeah that would be really cool!

As for the story line, it’s wonderful.

You really get to see what it’s like to be a successful and rich model.

You also are given a good picture of how hard, tedious and exhausting it must be for a supermodel.

Now I know why Christie Brinkley was once quoted,”I won’t get out of bed for a shoot unless they pay me $10,000.”

Meg does a lot of research for her books and she brings a mixture of reality and fiction together making her readers connect well with each and every character that she writes about.

She’s an author I really look up too and I’ve learned loads from.

I hope to be a successful New York Times Best Selling Author some day and I plan to give her some credit if I do. *wink* 🙂

As you know I went into surgery yesterday and I’m feeling mucho better.

Pain killers are giving a bit of a tummy upset and the constant ice pack to my face every 20 minutes is being a bit of a pain, but I feel great about finally caving in and removing two teeth that have aggrivated me for about ten years now (off and on).

Goes to show how stubborn I am.  I don’t like going to a dentist because of the pain and discomfort.

I was blessed to have a surgeon that knocked me out cold and I was having a really cool dream when the nurses woke me up.

I can’t remember a thing. lol

But It made me feel so much better about going to a dentist for the other two teeth that have been a problem over the years.

I’ll have to wait till they start acting up before I go again.

I was suffering from the tooth pain for about a month now along with a car accident where I hurt my head, neck and spine on august 1, 2011.

Ergo the latency in my blogging.

I have to get back to editing the novel too but don’t know if I can.

Brain’s pretty foggy these days, so we’ll see.

In september I’ll be working on a film project with robin jay, where I’ll start blogging about her latest movie – keeper of the keys.

I hear it’s a very exciting and uplifting project, just like the three novels from the power of the platform.

As you know I’m one of the authors in Speakers on Success.

Robin emailed me this week to let me know a woman was very blessed by my chapter.

That made me feel oh so good. 😉

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