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Pizzaiolo Delicious Gourmet 2221 Yonge St Toronto ON 416 480 2444.

March 15, 2012

pizzaiolo eglinton st e did mariam ever eat here visited march 10 2012

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Linda Randall Writing Restaurant Reviews Delicious Gourmet Chicken Pizza Pizzaiolo Yonge St Toronto ON Mar 10 2012

pizzaiolo chicken mushroom red peppers delicous gourmet foods linda randall the idea girl says

Pizzaiolo 6 bucks pop slice gourmet chicken mushroom red peppers delicious the idea girl says linda randall IGC Entertainment Canada

Pizzaiolo Delicious Gourmet 2221 Yonge St Toronto ON 416 480 2444.

We visited Eglinton Subway and York Mills Subway on March 10, 2012 while doing a psychic walk trying to find Mariam Makhniashvili’s energy. We stopped in here for a bite to eat because I felt the need to go here.

We had no idea where Earl Bales park was and after asking many people we’d just about given up hope. Then I walked into the back of this delicious gourmet pizzeria and found a MAP!

The guy cooking that day was so helpful. He pulled out his GPS and I asked him if he knew of a golf course close to Hwy 401 that was near Eglinton Ave. He searched on there and found Don Valley Golf Course and we figured out that Harold and I needed to go up two more subway stops to York Mills in order to walk towards this golf course.

We’ve never been in the area there in our lives… so we had some pizza.. I loved the chicken, mushroom red pepper one with loads of tasty cheese on it.. It’s the BEST gourmet pizza I’ve ever had in my life!

Can’t wait to go back and visit them again in future travels..

From there we went to york mills and walked around till we found the golf course and the where Mariam Makhniashvili’s human remains were found feb 28 2012.

We were able to finish our psychic investigation in time, thanks to these folks for helping us find our way!!!

the videos and notes are on my psychic paranormal alien blogged on March 13, 2012 (click on calendar to get to that date or use the search tool on the blog itself)

the rest of our ghost stories and mariam’s investigation can also be found on my paranormal youtube channel

Pizziolo Harold the ghost hunter during psychic investigation Mariam Makhniashvili

you cannot see the restaurant if you use google street view (it’s may 2009).. so it’s right across from the corner of the KEG, ROGERs and Scotia bank.

on yonge st about 2 minutes from the Eglinton Subway. (right across the street basically)

Follow from Soudan Ave *(the art shoppe) its about 1 block up from there on Yonge St

Soudan Ave The Art Shoppe 2131 2221 Yonge St Pizzaiolo Eglinton Ave Subway

Soudan Ave The Art Shoppe 2131 2221 Yonge St Pizzaiolo Eglinton Ave Subway.

222 1 Yonge St area across from Eglinton Subway

rogers scotia bank the KEG right across from gourmet pizzaiolo restaurant 2221 Yonge St 416 480 2444

pizzaiolo 2221 Yonge st Eglinton Ave Soudan Ave

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