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How to Convert your Screenplay from Script Frenzy PDF to a Word File to Write it as a Novel

April 22, 2012

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How to Convert your Screenplay from Script Frenzy PDF to a Word File to Write it as a Novel

This week i’m taking the screenplay, “The Aliens of Lamat and the Hidden Scrolls” and converting it into a word document so I can write it as a novel.

This will be different for me. Normally I hand write ALL of my projects then type them up. Since most of the dialogue is already typed up this will be much easier. I just have to add paragraphs about what’s going on, character settings, places and descriptions. So what you do is open your PDF celtx file.

type NOVEL in front of the title of it .

do a “save as” don’t do “SAVE” or you will rewrite the whole file.

then go to this website.

pick choose file

upload the novel script frenzy screenplay file

this will convert it from PDF to a word document

it asks for your email address

you will receive it within a minute or too in your junk/spam file folder in hotmail

create a new folder in your files for the screenplay as NOVEL

Cut and paste the file from your downloads file into the NOVEL folder

open up microsoft word

Open up the novel file that’s been converted

pick select all

where all the icons with fonts examples visual click on the little arrow and pick “clear formatting”

then select all again

pick the icon that says left margin

for the slug lines easy way to remove them is change them to a characters name

pick select all

choose find and replace

copy and paste the slug line and put it in the “find what” section

in the “replace with” you put the characters name.

for mine i converted


choose “replace all”

now do the save as again

choose find again

in the “find what” put CINDY

in the “replace with” put Cindy

choose replace all.

then do a save as…

and this is the easy way do to it.

It doesn’t seem to change the first example for some reason, so you will have to manually do that yourself.

how to remove column formats from a screenplay script from Celtx in Word Documents

after converting from pdf to word open your document up in word and and click inside the document

then go and follow these instructions to remove the multiple column formats before editing it

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