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How to Take Your Photos and Create a New Header for your WordPress Blog

April 22, 2012

maid of the mist dock the idea girl says writing

the idea girl says

create a folder and call it headers in your documents files

open up microsoft paint

open up your photo file

pick “resize” in the top bar

pick “pixels”

change “horizontal” to 920

choose “OK”

choose “SAVE AS”

HEADER – title of photo and blog

go to word press dashboard for the blog you want to change

choose “appearance” from the left menu

choose “themes”

under Manage Themes (i have Vigilance) choose “header”

pick “upload image”

pick “choose file”

choose “upload”

once it’s uploaded the picture

pick “save changes”

next it will ask you to crop the picture

you can move the large square around with your mouse to where you want it to be then crop it.

pick “save changes”

under “Header Text”

click on the box to “check mark” “show header text with your image”

pick “save changes”

at the top it will say “Custom Header”


Header uploaded underlined is visit your site to see how it looks.

click on the “visit your site hyperlink”

if you like it keep it if not..

press the “back arrow” on your browser and try again.

i wasn’t able to change the text color for some reason in the “Header Text” ‘text color’options.

i will try and make some videos on these tips this week then upload them on the idea girl says youtube channel.


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