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Barrie Summy Author – I So Don’t Do Famous – Book Review Linda Randall

May 10, 2012

Barrie Summy – I so Dont do Famous author photo 1 book review linda randall the idea girl says middle school all ages

Barrie Summy Author – I So Don’t Do Famous – Book Review Linda Randall

cover isodon’tdofamous barrie summy marvelous books sophie kinsella fans will love them linda randall the idea girl

the idea girl says

When I started reading Barrie Summy’s book I was feeling very very ILL. By the time I was done I had a smile on my face and all the discomforts were in the back of my mind and then of course they came back. But that’s how enthralling her story was.

What a surprise!

I didn’t read the back or front of the book.

I grabbed it because I liked the cover.

I always look in the children’s book section to see what’s new, read it and blog it.

Barrie Summy is like another Sophie Kinsella.

Her books will be just as popular.

In fact the magically appearing ghosts in the story, well that was the surprise, a delightful one at that!

I was like OH WOW! Cool!

Imagination kicks in while READING the book.

You get a description of said character and then you have to imagine what they look like.

This is a brainy style of writing that I haven’t seen since… drum roll… the original Nancy Drew Series back in the 1930s.

the good thing is this.

THESE books are going to APPEAL to FOUR GENERATIONS!!!!

Not only will middle school kids love these characters, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s are going to want to BUY this book for a gift, then TAKE some time to read it to your children.

Single parent DADDY – you want this book so your child can relate if going through a divorce, the death of a parent or separation your child will be able to relate to the characters (girls who like boys) in this book.

Step parents – again your child will relate to what it’s like to change from one style of family life to another.

the ruler makes me howl. Step mom on a mission. To add rules to the family, change eating habits and make happy healthy children.

the father who tries to make everyone happy and has to decide what to do so it has great parental advice in here for anyone going through this type of situation with the kids.

The mysteries.. oh yeah linny loves mystery writing stories and adding paranormal stuff to it is icing on da cake!!!!

okay so i’m writing a wee bit funny today.

That’s because loads of TEENs are going to facebook, twitter and youtube this book once’s it gets going.

In fact I’d recommend to TV Pilots for Nickelodeon your going to want to pick up this story line for a Saturday Morning TV SHOW hit.

This story can spin off in so many ways (oh the ideas swimming in my head)

then of course the movie

oh yes a movie with this story.. yep perfect for a summer teen flick.

The character is around 13 years of age but wise beyond her years.

So this book will probably appeal to all who are “young at heart”

I’m 45 and I love it.

Any books that Barrie Summy writes, I’m reading. 🙂

at the moment i’m reading book #1 (backwards linny does it again with trilogies)

cover I so dont do mysteries barrie summy

i’m reading this one I so don’t do mysteries… it’s the beginning of the story.

now a few suggestions.

book trailers on youtube by the author take a look at sophie kinsella’s style and you can do a cartoon like thing for yours (great promo tool)

for characters and stuff make sure they all look the same..

you need some up there on your blog as well so FANS can make little story lines of their own and they will.. I’ve seen it over and over again, it gets the word around and your book should be translated in all countries its going to appeal to a large market.

I’d start with the UK, Japan, China, Mexico. They love this style of writing.

I just posted a messages on LinkedIn for Nickelodeon – Gold Mine Here.

The TV Series you want to put on Saturday Morning for Kids and during the week from 4 to 6 pm

this is going to appeal to ages 7 to 18 and up (young at heart cartoon animation fans)

Do the TV Series first then do the movies and you’ll have a winning mixture with this one!

We have Harry Potter Fans + Sophie Kinsella Fans + Nancy Drew Fans from FOUR generations will enjoy the books, tv series and films.

ergo the word “goldmine” 🙂

Linda Randall
IGC Entertainment Canada
Twitter @theideagirl


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