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Secret(시크릿) _ Love is MOVE(사랑은 MOVE) MV Korean Pop Rock Dance Music Videos for Writers Typing Tunes pLaylist this week

May 23, 2012

Secret(시크릿) _ Love is MOVE(사랑은 MOVE) MV Korean Pop Rock Dance Music Videos for Writers Typing Tunes pLaylist this week

the idea girl says

this reminds me of a 50’s style rock n roll mixed with pop rock dance music… cool new sound, catchy for north american markets to take a look at.

I can see these songs selling like hot cakes even if we cannot understand the lyrics..

half of us never pay attention to the words in ANY songs.. we just like the tunes and hum along..

I’m making a playlist this week with rockin asian pop rock dance “sexy girl” bands.

I’ll look in future for the guys’ videos…

also writing the aliens of lamat series character descriptions and story lines this week.

each character will have their own story line and i’m going to integrate it into the novels.

so far my 1 story is blossoming into 6 novels. 😉


Lots of stuff for me to work on this year, i’m going to have a busy summer writing!

usually i take 3 months off in the summer and do just photography, hiking, travel and restaurant reviews…

this year I’ve decided to put all my energy into writing and hopefully find an agent, get a manuscript ready for them and get something published for you guys to read.

one of my own stories for a change.

i’m sure you will like it.

I like writing stories that appeal to both men and women, and children…

a family affair LOL

today I worked on the names of 100 characters

so searching you wanna do this.

common surnames for germans…

and it brings up lists.

for the last names

baby boy names for germans a – z

this brings up baby boy names for german kiddies.

and so I take a name from each list.. add DR to it and I have a german scientist’s character name. 😉


I copy and paste the stuff into word and create a file.

Then I highlight it and pick page layout, 3 columns.

i went from 100 pages down to 50.. neat.

good thing too because I added more names and got back up to 100 pages.

I have 3 columns on each page, with several countries names.

because my 200 scientists in the story are from different parts of the world, I went into countries that usually work in space labs and do alien investigations of some sort.

makes it fun.

then each character is given their own story line

where do they live, career, hobbies and future goals, then personalities.

so while I write about them I can add those bits and pieces of information into conversations with the other characters.

I’ve never written any of my novels in this much detail.

I decided it was time for me to learn to do it right.

The other 17 novels I’ve written are action based stories with some personal character details but not with this much material added.

it’s good the manuscripts are at 20,000 word count.

I need min 40,000 to 60,000 for a science fiction novella (my plans with the 6 books i can write) is to take a mini story out of each, try and get it published in a magazine then look for someone who wants the WHOLE story…

it’s a good way to build readers.

I’ve had one person contact me asking for my manuscript, I’m still debating which one to work on for them. They say they will take anything.. SWEET!

i have to do my own editing though, which i’ve been doing anyways…

a learning experience and I blog what i do along the way 🙂


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