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Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken and Taters 364 Scott St (VINEST) St Catharines ON 905 938 9999

May 31, 2012
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Mary Browns Famous Chicken & Taters 364 Scott St St Catharines ON 905 938 9999 Linda Randall the idea girl says awesome food

Mary Browns Famous Chicken & Taters Store Hours 364 Scott St St Catharines ON 905 938 9999 Delivery Take Out Drive Thru

QEW Niagara ST EXIT to VINE ST to Mary Browns Chicken Restaurant Shopping Pub Travel GUIDE 364 Scott St St Catharines ON L2M 3W2 905 938 9999 Google Maps

Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken and Taters 364 Scott St (VINEST) St Catharines ON 905 938 9999

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They have delivery as of May 31, 2012 its $6.50 over and above your order.

Yummy Brown chicken Gravy (the best i’ve ever’s better than Swiss Chalet’s gravy!)

Lunch specials $5 from 11 am to 2 pm.. assortment of choices with a can of pop

take out mostly

there are 4 small 2 person tables and stools along a bar = 15 seats.

it’s limited really busy from lunch time till 230 pm so hard to get a seat there 😉

most people order out , have it delivered or go through the drive through windows

this is the outside view of it by the Grantham Plaza, tim hortons, pizza pizza, Chinese Food, a pub, canada trust TD bank, Royal Bank machines, easy home furniture appliance rentals, home hardware (across the street is Giant Tiger & Salvation Army Thrift Store) Meridian Credit Union, across from the Petro Canada Gas Stn is a CIBC Bank.

Canadian Tire Gas Bar Madmoiselle Gym and Sobeys Grocery Store

large parking lots surrounding this restaurant (bus, motor home can find a place to park)

if you plan to go there with a large group of orders,call them ahead of time to let them know.

quite busy.

I would recommend they hire 3 more people.

one to take phone orders, another to do a 2nd cash(they are going to need another cash register in future) and 3rd to help fill orders.

I hope they expand this restaurant in the future and make it a sit down place, with real plates and cutlery…

I was told today (may 31 2012) they can no longer provide the paper plates corporate doesn’t want them to serve it that way.

they had a round plastic sort of container, which was great.. it’s WAY better than having a chicken sandwich served in styrofoam.

classier and you can cut into it with the fork and knife and it doesn’t BREAK. 🙂

styrofoam is bad for the environment (st catharines is very environmentally conscious) and it’s not recyclable.

the plastic containers are brilliant!

classy, great as a take out container AND its recyclable. THUMBS UP

friendly manager.. 5 stars out of 5.

Great Customer Service 5 out of 5

you do have a wait a bit.. so that’s a 3 out of 5 (i’m sure they will hire more staff in future and solve that problem)

and I’m going to suggest a way to make the chicken sandwiches hotter usually my gravy got cold after 7 mins of eating and yapping.

there’s tons of people coming in for take out so you always find someone to chat with.

appeals to all ages.

overall it’s a great place for lunch or supper, especially when your out shopping!

there’s several shoe and apparel shops in the grantham plaza (huge).. we also have a public library here (temporary until it moves to pearson park in the fall of 2012 or spring 2013? not sure when they keep changing it) laundromat, drycleaners. great for people travelling!

there’s tons of surrounding restaurants and you are 5 mins away from fairview mall shopping centre (100 stores) on geneva st/scott st. (head east to find mary’s 2nd set of lights on your right, corner of Vine St/Scott St there’s a cash store next door)

mon – thurs 11-9pm
fri- sat 11 – 10 pm
sun 11 – 9 pm

$5 Menu 11 am 2 pm Mary Browns Famous Chicken & Taters May 2012

Money Mart beside Mary Browns Corner of Vine St & Scott St in St Catharines ON Canada May 22 2012


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14 Scott St mon – fri day time bus map route st catharines ON mary browns grantham plaza fairview mall walmart bunting rd n welland ave


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