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6/14/2012 Norton, KS Damaging Storms

June 15, 2012

Severe storms hammer northern Kansas on Thursday bringing heavy rains, damaging winds, and some hail. Video package shot around the town of Norton, Kansas in Norton County (north of Wakenney).

Video package opens up with vivid lightning strikes as storms move across north Kansas. Various lightning and cloud shots. Transitions to shots during the storm of heavy rain and very strong winds. (two scenes accidentally repeated after cloud shots).

Package then sets up 2-minutes into video in Norton documenting a lot of the wind damage that occurred thanks to gusts over 70mph. Shots include several people moving part of a roof from a parking lot, people picking up tree branches, a semi truck that was blown well off the highway into a nearby field (yet remained upright). Other shots of tree and fence damage in Norton.

Drive of the semi was not injured, but said it was the ride of his life. He was westbound out of Norton when we was driven off the highway.


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