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Coone – Music Is Art (Official Videoclip) Writing The Aliens Of Lamat Book One – The Alien Within Me

June 19, 2012

area-51-2 is in the aliens of lamat novel series by linda randall the idea girl says on youtube WOW!

Coone – Music Is Art (Official Videoclip) Writing The Aliens Of Lamat Book One – The Alien Within Me

The Official Videoclip of : Coone – Music Is Art
Recorded in Miami (USA) & Emporium Festival 2012 (Holland)

Edited by Epic Cinema.
Post production by

the idea girl says

i love it when you shoot films and videos where you live and add them to your music

interesting scenery and love the SHirt he’s wearing.. 🙂

great vocals..

they should have the lyrics posted, karaoke fans will love singing this song!

So this week not only am I blogging up a storm (pun intended) with tropical storms typhoons butchoy carina guchol and talim along with a zillion other things like the southwest monsoon in india’s bay of bengal, the south china sea and indian ocean..

the earth is keeping linny busy this month!

occulatioins transits and conjunctions of planets

i realized omg it’s june and I haven’t finished any manuscripts!

the goal was to have one of my novels get published this year

even a short story is good.

So i’m back to working on the novel “the alien within Me”

it’s book one of five or six? I’ve lost count..

I have the outlines written for four of the books, the other two are ideas.

I’m sure I can probably write about ten books (like the munroe series (10 books)or the calamity girl series (3 books))

Writing comes natural.

It’s the editing that I get lost in. 😉

I’m taking it slow this time.

An hour or four a day.. to edit. then four hours to blog and three hours for movies then the rest is relax, read a book, go hiking, shopping and spend time with daisy and harry 😉

great news!

Today my “author’s blog – daily journal of what I do” reached over 100,000 views!


my goal this year is for all the blogs to be up around the 250,000 views mark.. if possible.

I got the victoria stafford blog over 250,000 hits finally!

I did loads of storm blogging on it and changed the name of it and it’s themes.

for the next 3 years during the solar maximus we are going to have lots of stormy activity

so i’m doing a world news theme on all the major blogs..

this one the idea girl says, ideagirlconsulting and the victoria stafford one.

sharing the content I find on all three

i will continue to do the odd movie review but i post those on my “author’s blog now”

bettys kitchen recipe videos and music along with movie celebrity news will probably be posted here mostly on weekends

and sometimes during the week if something exciting happens (if I get the time to do it)

this blog already gets a million hits and I hardly do anything with it..

don’t want to rock the boat too much LOL

So I’m re writing and editing the first 98 pages yesterday of the alien within me.

I had to add in my character and setting descriptions.

I left those out when I wrote the first draft.

I don’t like to stop and think and break the tempo of writing…

so I go back after the fact.

It took me a week to do the research of figuring out where and how my characters live, what streets, the houses with pictures..

I do the whole thing, problem is their all empty looking! lol

real estate sales blogs is where I find Places for my characters to live

i grab photos off google and post them in one note

i create a room look then i can write about it with a picture in mind

it helps to remember things later on in the story

i had to go back several times I have it being april, then december 2011 then back to may 25 2012 all in the same story!

so i’ll just add some time travel in there and balance it out LOL

actually i’ll probably be okay

winter in toronto was mild and warm in 2012, so i dont have to change the outfits except maybe add a sweater and warm shoes instead of sandals…

they should make a create a writers world software program online for us to use!

it would be so much easier!

i create static pages on my blogs and put the characters info or novel drafts up on there for people to read and enjoy…

i’m editing this one, going to send out a “short story” to a magazine and see what kind of response it gets…

If positive then i’ll pursue a Literary Agent (I have one in mind already) from my Yalichat Group.

They are VERY helpful with writers especially new ones never-been-published-in-novel-form-before.

I am a published author in the power of the platform speakers on life but Robin Jay says that probably won’t matter to a Literary Agent.

They want you to be paid for a published article. I didn’t get paid from that project.

i’ve lost my train of thought … harry and I are making plans to celebrate my birthday today and tomorrow

today’s a heat wave here in st catharines ontario canada over 30 degrees with 40 humidex!

Usually i’d be a hermit and stay in my air conditioned house lol

But I’m getting cabin fever and I want to go out for a bit.. just a bit and see the world lol

the story is coming along pretty good.

I’m in the “area 51” section of it.

I have to use my imagination and I am doing fine with that.

Making up new areas and rooms there (wouldn’t it be funny if they were real? lol)

I’ll never know 😉


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