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If It Makes You Happy, Country Cover, (Truck Song) Sung By Billy Bob Kickarilla Cash Jr./Boreekus Rock n Roll Golden Oldies Music Videos

July 21, 2012

If It Makes You Happy, Country Cover, (Truck Song) Sung By Billy Bob Kickarilla Cash Jr./Boreekus Rock n Roll Golden Oldies Music Videos

the idea girl says

awesome vocal to sing along too for karaoke fans. posted a note he needs to add the lyrics to the videos…

quote from youtube:

The Discount Cowboy/Billy Bob Kickarilla Cash Jr., Cow(c)Rap genre Inventor & Pioneer. Biography: No one really knows where, Billy Bob Kickarilla Cash Junior, came from. Legend has it he hails from the Badlands of the American West. Others say his Momma did time in a Louisiana prison (after an unfortunate and drunken Garden tractor and dynamite fishing incident); and it was into this penal maelstrom that Billy Bob was born.

What we do know is his legendary hit tune from 1967 entitled “Folks I Believe In This War” made him an American icon, until later in the era, as the war lost public support he was widely ridiculed by all who knew the name. Following the highly publicized “Flower children hate Kickarilla riot” debacle, he simply vanished for several years.

Kickarilla Cash reappeared on the public stage in the mid-70s. When during the CMA awards in a controversial move Billy Bob snatched the microphone from Conway Twitty during Twitty’s acceptance speech and proceeded to go on a 37 min. televised rant. Rumors ran rampant in the press that he was heavily intoxicated at the time. After this very public fiasco, Kickarilla Cash, disappeared from the limelight again, not to be heard from publicly for some 25 years. During his time out of the public eye, rumors circulated of his many stints in rehab and of his sometimes bizarre behavior. Suffering from a long time Heroin, Jim Beam, Glue and Blender addiction, Billy Bob had become a shell of a man barely living off of his meager royalties from his solitary 1967 hit single. Some had ruled him out as a “one-hit wonder,” however, Kickarilla Cash, would not leave the music scene quietly.

In 1995 Kickarilla Cash Jr. Made a triumphant, but brief return, riding the crest of the hip-hop craze with his hit single “Shaky Maky Hard.” In this era, he is also credited as being the inventor of the musical style “Cow (c)Rap” and in turn the phrase was born into the public lexicon. Kickarilla Cash is considered the father, inventor and originator of the genre now commonly known as “Cow (c)Rap.”

Highly reclusive, Billy Bob, pulled another disappearing act until the year 2012. It was widely rumored, he spent some time in Tijuana, battling his old demons during this time, although, Many questioned the wisdom of this geographic maneuver. He was quoted as saying at the time of his reappearance publicly “I hope those God d**n Mayans are right and the whole s**t house goes up in flames this year.” Also in 2012 during a trip to Walmart, Kickarilla Cash, discovered the laptop and the WebCam; unaware of the previous decade’s advancements in technology and having only a third-grade education, to him these devices seemed like miracles. Miracles sent from heaven to assist in the resurrection of his now, nonexistent musical career. His budget being way too tight to make recordings that could compete with his earlier material, Walmart mercifully inducted “Kickarilla Cash Junior” into its “fallen and bankrupt, country superstar program” and loaned him the now legendary laptop and WebCam. During an impromptu interview on Monday night football, Kickarilla Cash, was quoted as saying “sound quality don’t matter all that much, I’ll let my raw talent speak for it’s self, you boys gonna’ eat them nachos?” And thus began the current incarnation of one, Billy Bob Kickarilla Cash Junior, legendary innovator, inventor of the genre “Cow (c)Rap,” American treasure and a once broken man, determined with only the most basic tools to reinvent himself, once again, in the public eye.

Clinically dead on seven occasions and totally dead in the music industry twice, Kickarilla Cash, now mounts an epic comeback attempt, an attempt that is epic, not insomuch in its courage, but in its illadvised nature. As one long time Kickarilla Cash fan said “I hate the bastard but their are usually skanks at his shows!” May God bless and long live, Billy Bob Kickarilla Cash Junior, inventor, innovator and pioneer in the lowfidelity Cow (c)Rap genre.


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