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The Gatsby – Mary Sunshine – Will Smith Fans Will Love this New Hip HOp Artist – Good Actor for a Musical TV Show

July 21, 2012

The Gatsby – Mary Sunshine – Will Smith Fans Will Love this New Hip HOp Artist – Good Actor for a Musical TV Show

the idea girl says

The Gatsby sent me his video with a request to view it and to let him know what I think. 🙂

Dear Music Movie TV Shows Commercial Soundtrack Producers:

it’s like watching the fresh prince of bel air ( I loved all of will’s tv shows and films.. one of my favorite actors of all time) in another body… that’s what he reminds me of with the facial expressions and hand movement. Will Smith fans will love this new talent. I’d love to see the Gatsby on tV, he’s perfect for a teen/college style music show, mixed with sports teams, like football, basketball and Olympics in the back ground.

I’d put a muscle shirt on hip and get him walking around in the next videos.. people like motion and singing, sitting still is okay for the beginning but you need to practice movement for concerts, that’s always the key for every music show – american idol, x factor..

also show some choreography and this young fella’s going to be a huge hit.. he’ll be as popular as will smith’s tunes were. In fact i’d suggest he send a demo to will smith’s camp and see what he can do for music for some upcoming films.

I know they will love his stuff. Posting this one on linked in on 20 July 2012.

NEWs for blog readers and youtube music submissions from July – October 2012;

thanks for sending in your music submissions back in May. I usually don’t take submission’s during the summer. However, I do take from brand new albums and artists. I do take awhile to post because I’m super busy every summer with my own projects from March – September.

I’ll be back into full swing again at the end of September beginning of October 2012. I don’t blog during NaNoWriMo in November, December, January. I go back to blogging full time in February. I’ll mostly be doing the “music” posts on weekends whenever I find the time. During the week I have to work on the WOW alien video blogging series for my web tv show on you tube and on my novels. I do want to get published one of these days but first i have to FINISH this dam manuscript.. lol

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