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August 2, 2012



imagine the tabloids not writing about every little thing these guys do?

how about giving them peace, time to grieve and deal with things before they have their next public appearances..

a good holiday is in order for the both of them.. enjoy some surf sunshine and beach waves.. but not near the caribbean.. tropical storm ernesto (prediction) could become a category 3 to 5 hurricane while it travels past cuba, the bahamas, mexico and into the gulf of mexico.

poor florida.. your going to become one great big pool if this keeps up along with all those sink holes… sooner or later the coast will drop into the atlantic ocean.. it’s been predicted for 2012..

so if i were you, i’d stay away from coastal areas, islands for this year, unless you have a private plane, but keep an eye on the weather… they tend not to WARN anyone in those parts.. until well let me see, 15 minutes to evacuate is the given… according to news stories posted on youtube and since i keep tabs on this sort of thing..

you can be aware of any storm activity on my severe weather (that 90% comes true) prediction blog…


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