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Katie-Holmes-and-Jeanne-Yang the fashion presentation september 8th 900 pm Spring lines 2013 (meat packing district)

August 6, 2012



Katie-Holmes-and-Jeanne-Yang the fashion presentation september 8th 900 pm Spring lines 2013 (meat packing district)

Bamericas-next-top-model-tyra-banks-2012 baby Phat – Front Row – Fall 08 MBFW


Tomoko Ogura Barney’s Senior Fasion Director Daniella Vitale Chief Merchant Executive vice president as of may 17 2012 – blogged 6 Aug 2012 642 am edt the idea girl says

Daniella Vitale, chief merchant and executive vice-president.Barney’s New York USA

Dear Katie Holmes, Jeanne Yang, Tyra Banks, America’s Next Top Model and Barney’s Retail Store – New York.

Fashion Runways for Paris, Montreal and Europe, please read this idea…

the small but successful line is carried in a few places including Barney’s in New York and Beverly Hills, and Montaigne Market in Paris. Their manufacturing is all done in the USA and the design team works closely with the factories to build the brand and strengthen the ties between the brand and the manufacturers. This local type of production end up spiking the price but also the quality.

This cropped moto jacket in suede for example is over $3000.00 but it’s quality is the best there is and the materials are of the highest caliber. We hope to see more pieces like this at the presentation.

the idea girl says

I think Tyra Banks should contact Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang and do some special collections for the America’s Next Top Model’s TV Shows (worldwide starting with USA in New York). That would give you world wide coverage of some of the designs, made especially for the girls BEFORE they do a walk way in Paris, Montreal and Europe.

Different designs for each set, something casual for everyday wear that’s classic and then you want evening attire for dinners, dates and entertainment professional functions.

I find the girls for their walk see’s don’t always dress right, and it hurts their chances. They should visit Katie & Yang’s shop, get fitted, be advised on shoes, accessories (pick a store that you have a contract with say Barney’s and get them to combine the three together) great advertising for all and shared costs.

This will definitely boost sales and viewers all in one nutshell….

the idea girl says 😉

new judges and cast in 2012 for America’s Next Top Model:

she went on the hunt for a new set of judges and ended up landing male model Rob Evans and PR maven Kelly Cutrone, who served as a judge in Cycle 18. Johnny Wujek, stylist to the stars, has also joined the team as the show’s new creative consultant.

In honor of Banks’ recent graduation from Harvard Business School, Cycle 19 of the series — which will be moving to Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET — will focus on students seeking all different kinds of education, from four-year colleges and universities to beauty school students.

emma watson grey dress

i wonder if emma watson could be a guest star on america’s next top model and give the girl some pointers on being a “burberry fashion girl.”

new york fashion week LIVE


SEPT 6 – 13, 2012
Updates @ LiveRunwayShows



Short answer: The official Big 4 events (New York, London, Milan, Paris), are open to press and buyers only. (London Fashion Week is the closest exception, as they have an official open-to-the-public event. See below.) So you’ll need to show proof you’re with the press, or a buyer.
And even then, you might not get an invite to the REALLY big names (Chanel, Gucci, Dior, etc.). Especially if you’re from a smaller outlet.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to see fashion shows happening in those cities, or happening during fashion week.

join their facebook (new york runway)

REad my idea about Putting katie Holmes, Jeanne Yang, Tyra Banks and Emma Watson together for a world wide project 😉


read my idea on having Pippa Middleton connecting with Katie Holmes, Jeanne Yang and Emma Watson – College Fashions for Freshman’s and Senior Students 😉

Pippa+Middleton+sister+Duchess+Cambridge Kate Middleton South Kensington London Fashion knee high black boots short grey skirt jacket and black purse

The+Duchess+of+Cambridge+and+Pippa+Middleton Britain UK Fashion Gals we love in USA CANADA


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