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Pippa Middleton Should Connect with Katie Holmes & Jeanne Yang New York London Fashion Weeks September 2012

August 6, 2012

2011-women-in-film-crystal-lucy-awards-katie-holmes-olsen-twins-news-com- white black dress

tyra-banks-americas-next-top-model-college-edition-promo__oPt august 2012

pippa-middleton classy chick look blue jacket white pants new york city Fashion Style’s

Katie-Holmes-and-Jeanne-Yang the fashion presentation september 8th 900 pm Spring lines 2013 (meat packing district)

Pippa+Middleton+sister+Duchess+Cambridge Kate Middleton South Kensington London Fashion knee high black boots short grey skirt jacket and black purse

The+Duchess+of+Cambridge+and+Pippa+Middleton Britain UK Fashion Gals we love in USA CANADA

new york fashion week LIVE


SEPT 6 – 13, 2012
Updates @ LiveRunwayShows



Short answer: The official Big 4 events (New York, London, Milan, Paris), are open to press and buyers only. (London Fashion Week is the closest exception, as they have an official open-to-the-public event. See below.) So you’ll need to show proof you’re with the press, or a buyer.
And even then, you might not get an invite to the REALLY big names (Chanel, Gucci, Dior, etc.). Especially if you’re from a smaller outlet.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to see fashion shows happening in those cities, or happening during fashion week.

IF they cannot connect in NYC than maybe they can connect at the London Fashion Week is the closest exception, as they have an official open-to-the-public event.

Dates for London Fashion Week spring/summer 2013:
Friday 14th September – Tuesday 18th September 2012

Pippa Middleton is 28, the perfect COLLEGE age for older students. We have Barney’s in New York, working with Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang. Emma Watson’s for the freshman college girl and Pippa for the girl who goes to college after working for a few years to pay for it….

In Canada, USA that’s what we do. If our parent’s cannot afford it, we have to work for several years, save up than go to college. Most go from ages 26 to 32 and up….

We even have a huge enrollment here in Canada for people starting over in their careers due to companies downsizing. We go to college from ages 30 up and over to 50 years in age.

So it would be really cool to design a line of clothing for the mid age groups.

There’s many stores for young teens and college people, and older people, but I see in fashion our middle people are quite neglected. They are the one’s going to college to start a new job. They’ve had children, the child’s in school and now they want to go back to school to finish their education.

I read that Pippa would love to go to Hollywood and be in New York but she hasn’t figured out what career she’s going to like here. Party planning is awesome, but very competitive here. So it’s good for Pippa to get into the “fashion” world for girls in her age category.

I read Karl Lagerfield’s comments and think he needs to get his eyes checked. Here in Canada and Usa we adore Pippa and she’s refreshingly beautiful from head to toe. The furor she caused while at the wedding, was a blip in the UK, in Canada and USA it was a huge impact.

Pippa would impact any “fashion designer’s sales.” And if Kate likes something, I’m sure she will buy it because she’s a gal like me or you, both love to shop and dress pretty. 😉

I read these crazy tabloids and writers comments and shake my head… why on earth does the UK like to take a microscope to everything a person does, nit pick and criticize it?

The media needs to tame it’s tongue and stop being so merciless. It’s all about money. The more negative stuff they write, the more money they make because people gobble gossip up like candy…

let’s give them something interesting to gossip about. Pippa Middleton coming to New York City and meeting with fashion Designers Katie Holmes & Jeanne Yang. It would be great for both parties.. new business ideas.

Connecting this idea with the Emma Watson one and America’s Next Top Model would give Pippa a foot in the door for television which I see she would do wonderfully with, along with some fashion on the back burner, it’s time to expand her wings and find a new life for herself.

Besides she can visit England anytime she wants, I’m sure… 😉

here’s the link to the Katie Holmes Jeanne Yang Tyra Banks Emma Watson idea:

here’s the link to the Emma Watson idea with Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang along with Tyra Banks – America’s Next Top Model TV show USA UK

tyra banks america’s next top model cycle 19 college edition premiere’s friday aug 24 2012 bryanboy new judges Rob Evans Johnny Wujek replace Nigel Barker Jay Manuel J. Alexander

antm-cycle-19-cast-models america’s next top model college edition tyra banks TV USA show

americas-next-top-model-open-call cycle 19 August 2012

elle-pippa-middleton-mdn white navy cross stitch jacket navy skirt august 1 2012 photo getty images

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