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Higgs Boson Particle Speed of Light MSW Effect Wavelength Electromagnetic Spectrum 5g WOW SETI

August 17, 2012

Higgs Boson Particle Speed of Light MSW Effect Wavelength Electromagnetic Spectrum 5g WOW SETI

the standard model and the higgs boson force carriers bosons fermions quarks leptons electron muon tau neutrino down up charm strange bottom top photon z boson w boson gluon higgs boson

Mikheyev–Smirnov–Wolfenstein effect fire neutrinos KamLAND Geoneutrinos Central Japan anti-neutron

Mikheyev–Smirnov–Wolfenstein effect

msw effect

Higgs Boson Particle Speed of Light MSW Effect WOW SETI DATA August 2012 the idea girl says

Approximate Wavelengths covered by TMT’s Science Instruments IRIS IRMOS PFI WIRC MIRES NIRES HROS WFOS


Info mentioned here and in next videos.

17 Aug 2012 929 am edt

research notes quotes

Line 18 a3w4 Uranium Neutrino Split Z Bosons Weak Atomic 5g UFO WOW SETI

New formula based on article in “science news” I believe
Line 18 a3w4’s formula is talking about your “Higg’s boson experiment results at CERN on 18 June 2012.”

This is what you need to ADD to it:

Formula idea based on wow data previous notes Feb 2012:

Uranium 238 + (neutron) neutrino (slowed down by cooling the plasma with invention found) + instability + splits into two smaller atoms “fission products” = (Higgs Boson = Higgs Particle + two photons)

Two photons + two smaller atoms

Cross referencing to see what comes up for this 702 pm edt
16 August 2012

There are 16 pages or 16 videos with data in them from the WOW video series.

Keywords from:

Line 10a WOW 1420.40575177 MHz hydrogen line Lepton Star Resin Identification Code EM Spectrum

Quote from WOW DATA in Line 10a:
“When an object passes through light we can evaluate it’s spectrum.

You find elements in the spectrum.”

New formula idea 16 August 2012 706 pm edt:

Higgs boson + speed of light + spectrum + find elements + Higgs particle + other particles

speed of light + spectrum

Keywords came up:
Wavelength Electromagnetic Spectrum

My thoughts:

This particular diagram came up several times in the WOW data

Strange I just did a cross reference for the key words and this comes up


New formula 16 aug 2012 640 pm edt
Based on this formula in Line 18

Transfer energy from neutrino + lepton (VE electron neutrino ) + matter effect – Mikheyev–Smirnov–Wolfenstein effect

Cross reference

electron neutrinos transfer energy

MSW effect
Main article: MSW effect
Neutrinos traveling through matter, in general, undergo a process analogous to light traveling through a transparent material. This process is not directly observable because it doesn’t produce ionizing radiation, but gives rise to the MSW effect. Only a small fraction of the neutrino’s energy is transferred to the material.

Mikheyev–Smirnov–Wolfenstein effect

Quote WIKI

The Mikheyev–Smirnov–Wolfenstein effect (often referred to as matter effect) is a particle physics process which can act to modify neutrino oscillations in matter. Work in 1978, byAmerican physicist Lincoln Wolfenstein, and 1986, by Soviet physicists Stanislav Mikheyev and Alexei Smirnov, led to an understanding of this effect. Later in 1986, Stephen Parke ofFermilab provided the first full analytic treatment of this effect.

17 August 2012 935 am edt

I was googling MEW Effect for images and found something interesting called KamLAND. It’s located In Japan and they have a different type of neutrino, a geoneutrino experiment. I didn’t know about them.

The ability of the KamLAND detectors to accurately measure the radioactivity of the uranium and thorium isotopes, the two main sources of terrestrial radiation.

The measurements the collaborators made are in close agreement with the predictions of the leading geophysical models of our planet’s thermal activities.

KamLAND’s geoneutrino experiment was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, and the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

redOrbit (

I am going to research KamLAND’s geoneutrino data in the next video.

gamma rays x rays microwaves radio waves lengths 400 nm violet blue green yellow orange red 700 nm

increasing energy wavelength visible light diagram

the electromagnetic spectrum

total solar irradiance nasa

wavelength electromagnetic spectrum higgs boson particle the idea girl says youtube


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