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Betty’s Kitchen Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe Video

August 25, 2012

Betty’s Kitchen Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe Video

Betty demonstrates how to make a scrumptious Chocolate ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Filled with ice cream sandwich bars, Oreo cookie chunks, hot fudge topping, chocolate pudding mix, and bound together with whipped topping, this dessert is a luscious as you can find!


½ cup hot fudge ice cream topping, at room temperature
16 oz. container whipped topping
1 small package chocolate pudding mix
8 Oreo cookies, cut into chunks
12 chocolate ice cream sandwich bars

Choose your serving dish before assembling this dessert. In a large mixing bowl, combine 8 oz. whipped topping with ½ cup hot fudge ice cream topping. Mix in 1 small package chocolate pudding mix and 8 chunked Oreo cookies. On the serving dish, place 4 ice cream sandwiches, right next to each other and centered in the serving dish. Spread with ½ of the whipped topping mixture. Repeat this process to get at second layer of 4 ice cream sandwiches, topped by the remaining whipped topping mixture.

Top this off with 4 more ice cream sandwiches. Quickly spread the remaining 8 oz. whipped topping around the sides and over the top of the cake. Immediately place into the freezer for a quick freeze. When frozen sufficiently, cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and freeze for about 8 hours before serving. When ready to serve, remove the plastic wrap or foil and cut slices, 1 inch at a time, and place them on individual serving dishes. Just beautiful, and a great summer (whats left of it) treat!


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