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EAT WITH ME – Movie Trailer Film and Animation

October 26, 2012

EAT WITH ME – Movie Trailer Film and Animation

Feature-length dramedy in pre-production.

No one likes to be a party of one. “Eat With Me” is a feature-length dramedy film that will begin shooting in January 2012. A coming of age film for Baby Boomers and their Gen X kids, it’s a foodie movie, a dumpling movie, and a chick flick all rolled up around LGBT issues.

But it’s about more than just cooking or eating. it’s about communicating through food and finding each other and ourselves through those shared moments.

Emma lives a comfortable life as a homemaker. It’s safe, predictable, and quiet–so quiet that the awkward silences between her and her husband ring loudly. When her husband cuts off his wedding ring because it’s giving him headache, it’s the last straw. She packs a bag and runs away from home to crash on her gay son’s couch.

Meanwhile, her son (Elliot) struggles with his own fears of commitment while aimlessly searching for meaning and purpose. Can one hot rendevous in a bar bathroom be the spark of something deeper?

It all seems on the up and up until Emma comes face to face with what it means for her son to love another man. Will this type of love be too much for a mother to bear and can a son even choose between honoring his mother’s wishes and honoring his heart?


Sharon Omi as Emma
Teddy Chen Culver as Elliot
Ken Narasaki as Ray
Jamila Adina as Jenny
Adam J. Yeend as Ian
Amy Tolski as Maureen

Writer/Director: David Au
Producer: Joyce Liu-Countryman
Cinematography: Amanda Treyz
Production Designer: Laurie Tsou
Costume Designer: Joyce Liu-Countryman
Sound Mixer: Curtis Churn
Colorist: Asa Fox

First Assistant Director: Robert Statwick
Behind-The-Scenes Videographers: Tamar Martinez, Michelle Ehlen
Camera Assistants: Gabe Diniz, Ryan Guzdzial
Gaffer: Lee Narby
Grips: Jeff Locke, Nicolas Nigro
On-Set Photographer: Tamar Martinez & Ying Lau
Hair & Makeup: Hiroko Honda
Production Assistant: Ben Byun

Special Thanks to:
Sun’s Restaurant (Highland Park)
Johnny’s (Highland Park)
Joyce & Jeff Countryman
Jack Hou
Fargo Mountain


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