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queen of babble in the big city author meg cabot book review linda randall

December 11, 2012

queen of babble in the big city author meg cabot book review linda randall


the idea girl says


book 2 of the trilogy, i’m finally learning how to read the books in order. 😉

This is the continued story where she makes changes in her career and learns to keep some secrets, not the greatest idea, because of course, it get’s her into all sorts of troubles!

It’s a bit of a surprise ending for me, and I could swear I’ve read the book before, but cannot remember all of it, so i keep reading.


I’ve got book 3 now – Queen of Babble get’s hitched!  and I’m starting to read it this week.


I love Meg Cabot’s funny emotionally stimulating story telling – it makes a boring day go fast – or it’s a nice pick me up when your depressed, or in my case – good reading material for breakfast, lunch, supper and snack time!


I use it as my break treat so I can concentrate on eating little and reading lots.


I find TV, with it’s many FOOD commercials – makes a gal gain weight.


Happy to report, I’ve lost 2.8 lbs in the last 3 weeks!


So as part of my diet plan – a good dosage of reading and less TV has kept me away from my favorite munchies of chips and pop.


It could also have to do with fighting diabetes, those foods make your head spin!


But I still eat them in small dosages say at my christmas party?


I couldn’t let those little yummy nicely decorated chocolate cupcakes with red, green sprinkles on them go to waste – well they probably went to my waist, but that my dear is another story – NOT. 🙂


you all know the miladies of Christmas goodies. 🙂


I say it’s best to eat and enjoy at said party than for the rest of the week, exercise like hell! LOL


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