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Cellulitis Tried to Kill Me A Blood Poisoning Story

January 8, 2013

Cellulitis Tried to Kill Me A Blood Poisoning Story

film created Jan 8 2013
story originally from August 30, 2012 till now…

the idea girl says

my documentary and story – I share how I almost died from a red rash on my legs. I thought I only had poison ivy from hiking. I find out I don’t. Rushed to the hospital, and only given hours to live, unless they can stop the blood poisoning from reaching my heart.
This is how I deal with what happens to me – I end up in a wheel chair unable to walk for a period of time – 3 weeks, while my foot is bandages, showering and dressing myself is a challenge. (I left that out in the video)

Someday I’ll write my story and hopefully have it published for others to read.
At the end I share my miraculous tips on healing – what to eat to combat disease in the body.

indie rock music video – from adrian wilson (adrian personally gave me his CD at the Country music festival in toronto a few years ago and gave me permission to use it for any of my videos.)
song is : Hold on

I like the message.. hold on to what is dear to you, family, health and life itself!

find out if you have it don’t take any risks, go straight to emergency!


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