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Nanowrimo website How to Use the Tools Read, Track your stats, word counts and daily writing goals

January 25, 2013

Nanowrimo website Tools How to Use the Read, Track your stats, word counts and daily writing goals

i have participated in nanowrimo for about 4 years now and i just figured out how to use the update word count features and daily goals stats section on the nanowrimo site. I’m not sure if that’s new this year or not?

It’s cool though. You input the amount of words you have completed and it tells you what your daily goal needs to be to reach 50,000 word count AND it tells you what day you will finish typing up the manuscript. It was right on when it forecasted mine for nov 6, 2011.

I’ve been editing the manuscript and just completed the 2nd round of editing on dec 2, 2011 for Grammy’s Magic Space Ship 🙂

Author Linda Randall
Genre – Young Adult Fantasy


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