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Facial Muscles Exercise – Arctorna Chin Cheeks Stretches

February 18, 2013

Facial Muscles Exercise – Arctorna Chin Cheeks Stretches

yt notes

Begin to do 5 repetitions in a week, then 10 and after a month 20 repetitions of every exercise.
Be careful when you use your fingers on the face! Touch the skin softly in order to avoid causing yourself some wrinkles. Hold out every exercise in 20 seconds. I do a shorter version of these exercises on the video, in real life it takes longer time to do each one of them. I have been exercising my face, with these exercised among others, since 12 years now.

the idea girl says

no more botox!

just do these exercise to eliminate wrinkles from your face 😉

keep your skin elastic and young looking..


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