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Betty’s Kitchen Candy Coated Pretzels for St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Videos

March 16, 2013

Betty’s Kitchen Candy Coated Pretzels for St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Videos

Betty demonstrates how to make Candy Coated Pretzels for St. Patrick’s Day. These can be adapted for other holidays, just by changing the food coloring.


Pretzels (desired amount and type)
16 ounce package chocolate candy coating
16 ounce package vanilla candy coating
green food coloring

Place 8 ounces chocolate candy coating in a small bowl. Place in microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds. Stir and return to microwave in 15 second intervals, stirring each time candy coating is removed. (I only needed one 30 minute interval and one 15 minute interval.) Using tongs, dip individual pretzels into melted chocolate candy coating.

Shake off excess coating and place coated pretzel on a tray that is lined with waxed paper. Repeat the coating process. This will give you approximately 30 chocolate coated pretzels. As the coating cools, it will become thicker and can be decorated immediately. For decoration, place 2 ounces vanilla candy coating in a small bowl and repeat the process used for melting the chocolate candy coating to melt the vanilla candy coating. Stir a few drops of green food coloring into the melted vanilla coating, until the coating is desired shade of green.

Now, drizzle or pipe green coating as desired over the chocolate coated pretzels. Let sit until coating of pretzels is firm. (You may place coated, decorated pretzels in refrigerator or freezer to speed up the process.) When coating is firm, arrange Candy Coated Pretzels in a nice serving dish. Enjoy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Love, Betty


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