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Kim Kardashian Purposely Gaining Weight For Money?

April 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian Purposely Gaining Weight For Money?

the idea girl says

kim’s body has a tendency to keep fat on as she tends to have a bigger frame than her sisters. (take it from someone who knows.

I exercise, watch what i eat and still cannot lose weight. I do tend to lose a few inches.)

by gaining all this weight (if she’s doing it for money) she will be in for an unpleasant surprise and struggle.

she will not be able to lose it all, because of the way her metabolism is and lack of right exercises. (she needs to do more yoga.. for some reason that and riding a bike will help (it has me).

some exercises will tone a body down, other’s don’t. each body is different.

she will probably suffer from depression from gaining the weight and trying to lose it.

tip to deal with depression go for a walk on a dirt path several times a day – you will connect your body with the earth and it will heal whatever is wrong, so if the metabolism’s out of wack it will adjust it. go cycling outdoors, you will enjoy the fresh air, get a tan and lose weight naturally (without dieting) and tone your muscles. Doing it inside a studio isn’t the same. (I’ve done both) and when you go cycling take a camera and take pics of the nature trails you explore, you can make money doing that too i’m sure. *wink* (stars that become their own paps and sell photos to tabloids.. new concept. 😉

that is my prediction april 16 2013 850 am edt.

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Kim Kardashian just can’t escape the backlash from her weight gain. Now she is being accused of purposely packing on the pounds for cash.


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