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Tylenol Arthritis Pain Relief Exercise knees legs on Glider The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel

October 12, 2013

Tylenol Arthritis Pain Relief Exercise knees legs on Glider The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel

the idea girl says

It’s Sept 17, 2013 and the doctor gave me some new pills to try because I was having trouble walking, sitting and standing.

I still have problems standing for any period of time, but I can sit a bit longer and walk soooo much better. I had trouble walking up and down stairs and this takes the pain away, so i’m still careful but I can walk 8 stairs easier!

Before I could only handle 5 mins on the glider, up to 10 mins. anything past that would produce excruiting pain in my knees and hips and I couldn’t walk hardly if I did it, so some days I’d miss my exercises.

I’m up to 21 mins now, every day on the glider! 😉

so far so good for the past 2 weeks, I just had to share this on my video blog to advise you, ask your DOCTOR before taking it.

you have to take them on a empty stomach, and not at the same time as medication (they don’t say anything but I noticed it interfered with my blood pressure pills)

so I wake up between 530 or 7 am to go pee, and take it then, then go back to bed or get up and work on blogs, and take blood pressure about 30 to 60 mins afterwards, I find it doesnt’ affect it .

take it on an empty stomach (no coffee, just use water) for BEST effect.

It’s supposed to last 8 hours.. It only helps me 4 to 5 hours if I’m active.

So instead of taking two at a time, i take ONE, then the second one I take at the 4 hour mark…

i wait till end of 8 hours from first tablet and repeat.

usually 3 pills in a day, sometimes 4 if it’s rainy and the arthiritis flares up in my joints.

I was to the point I could hardly do any typing.

I still have some problem with that, no pain but fingers are still on the stiff side.

i find yoga stretches help with this problem

** the eDEMA in my right foot seems to be less water retention from these pills as well**

this is not a commercial, I just wanted to share my good news!


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