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Fort Erie Racetrack News Horse Trackside & Wagering Fruit Vegetable Bread Cheese Market Security Guard 29 Sept 2013

October 14, 2013

Fort Erie Racetrack News Horse Trackside & Wagering Fruit Vegetable Bread Cheese Market Security Guard 29 Sept 2013

candy stand inside offering free chocolate samples, all sorts of goodies to choose from, in the betting & wagering building areas, close to the fruit stand, hot dog, fries marketplace inside the grounds of the fort erie racetrack (to the right of the doors out front by the paddocks).

We went to the horse races for the first time with our friends Heather & Sandy. Heather gives us pointers on how to read the pamphlets details about each race, the horses, the odds, their age, how well they did in previous races, and both Harold and I bet $2 on each set of tickets. I won several times, doubled my money, and lost some of it, but still came out with a few bucks in my pocket. I was there for 5 hours and spent $10. 🙂

it was worth every penny! lots of exercise walking back and forth to bet on the horses, see them go around in a show circle before the race, then walking to the racing sections and finding a seat to sit down on!

It was fun!

we also enjoyed a tasty hot dog at Nathan’s and some poutine fries with gravy from the fry truck.. reasonable prices. They have an open fruit, vegetable, meat, and bread , desserts market it was open all day on Sunday Sept 29 2013. 😉

filmed by Linda Randall, IGC Entertainment Canada (the idea girl)

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Sorry I dont remember the names of the horses that won that day. It was our first time at the track with friends heather & sandy and we had a great time, and got loads of exercise running back and forth to bet on a race, then stand or sit and watch them go around the track.

It was quite the learning experience! 😉

“All bets are off for the 117th season at Fort Erie Race Track when the last race is actually held on October 15, 2013 . Not only does Canadian horse racing stand to lose a jewel in its triple crown, but those horse people and track workers stand to lose a whole lot more than the Prince of Wales Stakes. They stand to lose their livelihood” said Horwath.

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see the rest of my video blogging about our visit to the fort erie racetrack and all the fun we had here!


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