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Betty’s Colorful Cracked Easter Eggs with Chelsea & Carter — EASTER

April 17, 2014

Betty’s Colorful Cracked Easter Eggs with Chelsea & Carter — EASTER

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Betty’s daughter, Chelsea, and grandson, Carter, demonstrate how to decorate Easter eggs. These colorful eggs are made by cracking the shells before coloring to give a “marbled” effect.


6 large eggs
water to cover eggs, with 1/2-inch water above eggs
assorted gel paste food colors
plastic Ziploc sandwich bags
1 teaspoon water per color used

To make these colorful Easter eggs, bring eggs to a boil over medium to high heat. Reduce heat and boil for 7 minutes. Remove from heat, place on lid that fits, and let eggs sit in the hot water for 5 minutes. Use a skimmer to transfer eggs from hot water to a rimmed dish. Let cool for 30 minutes. For each egg, roll on counter and lightly crack the egg as much as desired. Prepare a Ziploc bag by adding about 4 drops of food coloring and 1 teaspoon water, mixing well. Place cracked egg in bag with food color and water.

Using your fingers on the outside of the bag, gently roll cracked egg in color mixture. Set aside and prepare remaining eggs, using a new bag each time and a different color. When all eggs have been colored in their plastic bags, wait 30 minutes for the colors to soak in.

To finish each egg, transfer from plastic bag to strainer over a bowl or pot, pressing from the outside, in order to keep hands clean. Pour water over the egg to rinse off excess color. Dry with paper toweling and then peel egg, revealing a colorful, marbled-designed peeled egg.

Place all eggs on a nice plate to display. These eggs are not appropriate for an Easter egg hunt, since they do not have shells. They are, however, edible, so you may cut them in any desired fashion and serve them with your Easter meal! This is a great project to do with children, although you may want to control the use of the colors, so that hands and clothing do not get stained. We hope you enjoy this Easter treat! –Betty, Chelsea, & Carter ♥



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