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Creating a New Community in Fort Erie Ontario Canada – Educating Locals on Internet Marketing Community Program Services

May 25, 2015

Creating a New Community in Fort Erie Ontario Canada – Educating Locals on Internet Marketing Community Program Services

the idea girl says

As you know dear readers, I’ve been away from blogging full time for the past year.  I took some time off to get to know my community here in Fort Erie Ontario Canada.

I did my own market research by word of mouth and attending many meetings and community events to see what was needed to help Fort Erie’s Economic – Lack and Loss of Jobs (they lost 10,000 jobs in  3 years).

I felt for them, so I moved there with Harry & Daisy to see what we could do to help them create 10,000 jobs. 🙂

I wrote my GOALS for the past 3 years was to help them develop a stronger Tourism Industry any way I could.

From meeting Jim at the Tourism Office, talking to the Mayors, City Hall Planning people, local people in politics and heads of community programs and services.  Just to get a feel of what was lacking.  It’s a beautiful town with 29,000 residents, but there’s also an influx of 100,000 people daily from the Peace Bridge Buffalo New York, USA border crossing into Fort Erie ontario Canada.

They also have over 1,200 refugees that come through Fort Erie each month – many which are kind of feeling LOST because their 3 to 5 year to get INTO Canada, was stressfull and many of their needs were not met as they bounced around 5 different cities in the USA, until they can finally come to CANADA only to face another thousand or so problems to solve.

From housing, getting their work papers, finding a job or a school, university or college to attend.

I’ve been busy with Harry attending as many social events and community meetings for each organization in town here.

We’ve filmed and did thousands of photos of the services we can use here, and I’ve created a blog dedicated to THAT project – Idea Girl Canada on wordpress, where I rebranded my online names from idea girl consulting to IGC Entertainment CANADA to the idea girl says and now IDEA GIRL CANADA.

the reason? other people were stealing my online ID to take the blog traffic of over 10,000,000 (million) visits per year.

My blogs have dropped to under 1,000,000 million hits per year.  My youtube channels as well.

Some of it contributed to the changes in Google, Yahoo, and search engine rules etc.

But the gist of it, I stopped doing the DAILY blogging for ALL 14 wordpress and blogger blogs because it was affecting my health.

so now I’m coming back to several times a week to blog, and I’ll take a bit of break from august to september, to get my Next years projects lined up and finish up the one’s I started 3 years ago here in Fort Erie.


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