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Projects 2012 – 2015 – Fort Erie Ontario Canada – Blogging Writing on Idea Girl Canada WordPress Blog

May 25, 2015

the idea girl says

I did a lot of writing and blogging on – Idea Girl Canada WordPress this year and it’s up to

  • 29,319 hits as of Monday May 25, 2015.  Which isn’t bad for a NEW blog. :

It’s got a steady follow of over 100 people and over 5000 readers.

I’ve been travel blogging and writing my business and community ideas  – true stories of our adventures, hits and misses – what worked , what didn’t, so I can keep track of what is working, and what isn’t.

The other day I met a fella who didn’t know what a blog was.  In fact, I’d say I’ve met SEVERAL HUNDRED people in the past 3 years here in fort erie who have NO idea what’s available on the internet.

You see the majority of them do not own a computer, nor can they afford the internet.  Yet they live in a town of 29,000 people that rely on newspapers, or word of mouth.

It takes 2 – 4 days for a story to circulate here in town by word of mouth.  The main places – the library, town hall, YMCA, bridges community service meetings and classes, Tim Hortons, Mc Donalds, Wendy’s – this is where you go to get the “word out” in this town.

They love to gossip here – good and bad, just so you know – so anything that’s personal or if you don’t want anyone to know needs to be kept in a more private place.

The gossip mill is great if you are a blogger or are planning a social event – the only problem – like the telephone game, the facts can be misconstrued or completely mixed up with another story!

So I’ve taught a large group of people on how to read and look for a blog, news and for them to take a look at what facebook, twitter and other social media can do.

Lots of them are now enjoying the online games and they love to challenge each other at the libraries (3 of them around the area – Fort Erie Central Branch, Crystal Beach and Stevensville)

here’s the link to my local community news and ideas – blog


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