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Kbuena Radio TV MC Sulek Interview 2 March 2015 Bachata Spanish Music Artist

July 24, 2015

165 views on youtube 24 july 2015
let’s give MC Sulek’s interview with Kbuena Radio TV more views! pass it on! thanks!

the idea girl says

Tips for the day!

Dear MC Sulek:
I’m looking at the video – the title on youtube needs to also include the name of the Radio Station and in the tags, put the name of the person who did the interview, their fans, the artist and the Radio Show fans will than watch the video and pass it onto their friends. The names, tags will be picked up on more Google Searches, thus giving it more views.
noted 165 views 24 July 2015

let’s see how much more we can add to this,please pass it on! thanks!

Video is in english, but he does sing both english and spanish songs.


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