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WAGS Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Athletes E! TV Series – IMBD

September 12, 2015

WAGS 2015 TV SERIES Barbie Blank

WAGS 2015 TV SERIES Barbie Blank

WAGS 2015 TV SERIES Barbie Blank (WWE Kelly, Kelly Fans check it out!)

the idea girl says
so I’m doing my usual google search on a new TV show I discovered in 2015 which I enjoy watching and I’m a bit dismayed girls!

Only Barbie Blank has updated her profile on IMBD.. Not good! IMBD will autolink you to all your twitter, instagram, facebook and ANY TV FILM FASHION photos, videos and projects that you do.

I hope you fix this ASAP! So it will help to generate a BIGGER fan base for the TV show. First you need a short intro about what the WAGS TV Show is about, who is directing, producing and filming this TV Series, what channels it’s on and add photos of ALL cast along with NAMEs and characters they play…

The more people learn about your TV show this is the FIRSt place they look to see what your credits are not only for fans but also for future movie, Tv production shows!

Your TV Show WAGS isn’t on page 1 of a Google Search, so this can be changed (i’ll help you) so fans can get to know who the cast is and we can link you to other projects you’ve accomplished as well, this will cross generate fans from your different projects towards watching the TV show on E! as well….

Premiere show August 18 2015 – Tuesday Nights on E! at 10:00 pm

Executive producer(s)
Amber Mazzola
Lori Gordon
Camera setup Multiple
Running time 43 minutes
Production company(s)
Machete Productions

Ashley North (fiancé of Dashon Goldson)

Autumn Ajirotutu (wife of Seyi Ajirotutu)

Barbie Blank (fiancé of Sheldon Souray)

Natalie Halcro (girlfriend of Shaun Phillips)

Nicole Williams (girlfriend of Larry English)

Olivia Pierson

Sasha Gates (wife of Antonio Gates)

quote names from WIKI! (thank god for WIKI I didn’t know the girls names!)

WAGS Wives and Girl Friends of Sports Althletes TV Series WIKI


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