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House of DVF: We Have a SEASON 2 Winner! E! TV Show Interviews Cat Wennekamp ALLI DAVIS Runners up WINNER Hanna Beth Merjos

November 3, 2015

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the idea girl says

The runners up – Cat Wennekamp (we also thought she MIGHT win because she has the work experience and know how but unfortunately Cat has to work on people skills to get along with most people in the fashion industry and fellow employees.  Diane says she’s too aggressive, meaning she’s asserting her wishes above others, because she knows how to do it.

my advice to Cat.

Sometimes even if we know how to do it, we have to take a step back and collaborate with others and make them all feel like they are also contributing to the final say in a matter, and then both us and them are happier! (I’m talking from experience, here’s another aggressive gal lol)

my advice to Alli

Alli Davis you did a beautiful table setting that would look really nice in a magazine, or for a family dinner, but when it comes to Fashion or big name events, there’s a different style to do.  Take it with a grain of salt. You can learn to do it and if you wish to continue to pursue this industry position, you just need some experience, so do some volunteer work for fashion fund raisers, get more experience! It will look awesome on your resume AND you will meet many industry insiders that help you climb up the corporate Fashion ladder. 😉

my advice to Hanna Beth our 2015 DVF Global Brand Ambassador!

Congrats on a fine job and for putting your heart and soul into this. I loved your fashion designs and how they sit on you as well, you have the sleek curves of a model. 🙂 But you also have a quiet perseverance about you and you are a quick learner and your people skills are amazing! loved your social media concepts, brilliant!

You are going to enjoy and continue to grow and bring in new design ideas into the fashion industry and I believe you also have a knack for generating a whole new market for retail sales, which is going to make you a wealthy girl, and perhaps you can follow in Diane’s footsteps later in life and have your own brands one day. #prediction #future 🙂

DVF Fashion TV Show for Global Brand Ambassador –    diane von furstenberg


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