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Sean Carroll – The Particle at the End of the Universe- the idea girl says – Linda RAndall Book Review

November 3, 2015

the idea girl says

Author Sean Carroll, Oct 22 to Nov 3, 2015 I read your book about particle physics and the Higgs Boson where you give details about how the CERN  – Large HADRON CoLLIDER, how it works, how it finds particles and the cool announcement from CERN in July 2012 that they had found a Higgs Boson like particle. You taught me many things that I didn’t know. Thank you for writing the book in a way that a person who has never studied physics, can learn about particle properties and how electromagnetism and the HIGGS field changes how particles react.

I’m working on a different project, but it also shows how to build a certain type of vacuum and collide particles in it, that change quantum physics for mass, spin and charge in ALL particles.

So it was amusing to see that according to 2012 our standard model says we can only spin certain particles this way or that, yet I have data to show otherwise.

The data has not been tested yet. I am hoping CERN will try it and find out that it worked…

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It was the universe’s most elusive particle, the linchpin for everything scientists dreamed up to explain how stuff works. It had to be found. But projects as big as CERN’s Large Hadron Collider don’t happen without dealing and conniving, incredible risks and occasional skullduggery.

Award-winning physicist and science popularizer Sean Carroll reveals the history-making forces of insight, rivalry, and wonder that fuelled the Higgs search and how its discovery opens a door into the mind-boggling domain of dark matter and other phenomena we never predicted.


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