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Loren Lockman Understanding the Four Agreements author Don Miguel Ruiz

November 6, 2015

Loren Lockman Understanding the Four Agreements author Don Miguel Ruiz

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the idea girl says

anyone who has read this toltec wisdom book the four agreements  that Loren Lockman is talking about what it means.

The author Don Miguel Ruiz is in a new film being released November 13, 2015 – “Secrets of the Keys” (producer Robin Jay)
IMBD information CAST CREW for The Secrets of the Keys

quote story line
What if your doctor called to tell you you’re going to die? That’s exactly what happens to motivational speaker and author “Elizabeth” in “The Secrets of the Keys.” The inspiration she has used throughout her career to guide others comes back to her as she attempts to make sense of her situation. She comes face-to-face with her own spiritual guide, Gwen, who has an intriguing opportunity for her. Gwen takes Elizabeth on a mystical journey where they encounter impressive experts who are eager for her to accept Gwen’s unique offer of a new kind of existence. This empowering and transformational film is both entertaining and beautiful . . . and will forever change the way you look at life. Written by Robin Jay


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