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Robin Jay Producer (The Keeper of the Keys) RED CARpet EVENT The Secrets of the Keys Invitation – The Idea Girl says – Linda Randall (Chisholm) –

November 6, 2015

the keeper of the keys DVD cover stars

the keeper of the keys DVD cover stars

the keeper of the keys DVD cover stars

the idea girl says
I was honoured to be invited to see Robin Jay’s new film – the secret of the keys red carpet premeire in Las Vegas USA.
I probably won’t be able to attend but I can help spread the word on this exciting film which continues after her first film – “The Keeper of the Keys.”

The producer of “The Secrets of the Keys” – Robin Jay – whose first film, “The Keeper of the Keys” won several awards including the Las Vegas Film Festival’s award for Best Independent Film – is currently seeking a few select, extremely successful motivational speakers and authors to appear in her next film. The new film, “The Secrets of the Keys”, will star Brian Tracy, Mariel Hemingway, don Miguel Ruiz, John Assaraf, Dannion Brinkley, and Kathryn Brinkley.

Robin produces the first funny and entertaining personal development films ever, designed to deliver outstanding guidance and encouragement to viewers thanks to the clever format; widely-recognized self-help experts from around the world star in these hybrid films and interact with fictional characters to deliver empowering messages that resonate with viewers everywhere. True to the films’ tag lines, these movies are truly “Taking the ‘Hell’ Out of Self-help”


the idea girl says

So I’m delighted to hear that Gloria Loring is a part of this project as well. I used to watch her on TV – character  Liz Chandler on Days of Our Lives

I’ll bet many of you guys and gals enjoyed her on TV and she’s also a recording artist and actress.  So I’ll be looking on youtube for the Film Stars previous projects and blogging them to boost views for their next film project.  Fans from the TV, Music and other projects that the stars have done – will spill over into this next project as well!.


Congrats Robin Jay on starting a cool new project #prediction this one’s going to #win #big in the future as it deals with a sensitive topic – a person given a short time of life  – dying and how you can make a difference in your own life and of people around you – Robin and her cast are going to TEACH you how to be a MEMORABLE Person before you die, and pass on into your next life…


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