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Niagara Falls MP Rob Nicholson MPP Wayne Gates – Ideas – Smoke Free Purified Air Plan – Fight Against Poverty Housing Plan

January 5, 2016

the idea girl says
Jan 5, 2016

I was writing my news year resolutions for 2016 and had some ideas about things that bother me about Smoke free Ontario Housing and the lack of low income housing – wait lists from 1 to 8 years in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada.

So here are my thoughts, I’ve emailed Wayne Gates and Rob Nicholson on how I think we can solve these problems in a fair and easy way….

Wayne Gates
MPP Niagara Falls
Douglas Heights Seniors Centre
265 High Street
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 3R4

Rob Nicholson
MP Niagara Falls
35 Jarvis Street
Unit 102
Fort Erie, ON
L2A 2S3
tel: 905-871-9991
fax: 905-871-5046

The Plans
Smoke Free Purified Air Plan
Fight Against Poverty Housing Plan

A law is needed:
Landlords provide a smoke free environment to all tenants in apt buildings or multi-dwelling units.

Landlord is required to
Update furnace venting systems to purify air from allergens and Tobacco Smoke

*low income persons or families*
Income is based on each person’s Basic Personal Income Tax Amounts Yearly Guidelines

i.e. Basic Personal Income Tax for 2015 – 11,327
source –

Any resident’s income less than their Basic Personal Income Tax is considered “low Income”

Government will pay $100 to $350 above the Basic Rent Amounts (Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program or Unemployment Insurance) to the landlord to cover costs for this plan.

The Landlord must pay all hydro costs of apartments. (This will make more landlord’s provide a smoke free apt building – so no costs to Government or landlords – no purifiers required should building be deemed smoke free.)

Landlord provides smoke free apartments and has to install air purifiers in every room of the apartment and change all outlet covers and any vents to reduce smoke (second hand smoke too) from filtering in and out of apartments. Including doorways, windows, cracks in walls, foundation etc).

Landlord must pay all hydro bills for “low income tenants.” The landlord shall receive $100 to $300 from the government towards the rental costs for the units. (Rent + Hydro for the air purifier plan for apartment buildings that ALLOW any kind of cigarette smoking in them…)

Penalties and fines, strict rules (smoke free Ontario can take care of these) providing Landlords go against or refuse to follow guidelines.

Bi law inspections (each Town or City has around 2 people, we can provide more floaters as needed or use students to help out with any paper work).


$100 to $350 to Landlords – rents above the amounts charged to Tenants.
i.e. tenant pays $650 add $200 to Landlord to cover hydro, purifier costs.

1 Bedroom – $200, 2 – Bedroom $250, 3 – Bedroom $300, 4 – Bedroom $350

Government gives a TAX BREAK to Landlords that purchase air purifiers.

Government gives a TAX BREAK to Air Purifier Companies that provide units at COST plus a 25% profit margin for each unit sold to a Landlord.

Government gives a TAX BREAK and Innovation Grants to RESEARCh and Technology Development Companies ( labs, universities) that develop a FURNACE attachment (a sort of filter) that can remove all allergens and Tobacco Smokes from Old and New furnace systems. A cap should be created to keep the retail price down to an affordable rate.
This will be a new GREEN ENERGY PROJECT which can be a university, college course or create jobs and careers.

Create a GREEN ENERGY Technology to convert TOXINS from Tobacco Smoke to Oxygen.

(this will reduce the Government of Health’s medical costs for Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies, Cancer and Infant, Child, Teen, Adult, Senior Health issues.

*If we cannot CURE cancer than CURE the PROBLEMS that CAUSE the CANCER*

No more cancer = mort people working = more tax dollars for municipal, provincial, federal governments, less disability and medical diseases = more of the population working =creates more jobs as you develop more technologies = more retail sales of new technologies purchased by the general public = more money to spend on OTHER things that we WANT or NEED =

Low Unemployment RATES!
A Healthy Population!
Less diseases

Instead of developing pharmaceuticals for diseases we can develop more green friendly products and service thus reducing toxins in our environment, stabilizing global warming issues, and other causes to WEATHER DISASTERS that COST the government Millions of dollars to repair or replace…

Government Grants to Landlords

To upgrade furnaces for rental units

A free grant to Landlords who rent to “low income families or persons”
(This can reduce the number of people on the “8 year waiting list for affordable low income housing)

People can choose to stay and the government pays all utility charges, repairs and maintenance for low income renters.
(ODSP rent limit is $718? Government pays all utility costs ABOVE this amount).

Less paperwork by putting all the utility bills in the Landlord’s name in all apt buildings and multiplex rental units. The low income renters pay $718 per month or $750 and Government pays any additional costs for water, gas and hydro, air purifiers, air conditioners etc for low income renters.
Each tenant in an apartment has to be registered by First, Last Name, Social Insurance Number, Date of Birth and Address and Member ID number (ODSP, Ontario Works, Unemployment Insurance) to be eligible for this program.

This gives the government statistics information – demographics info so that the Government can SELL this information to STATS research companies, retail sales, internet sales, demographic groups, generates income tax income, jobs, careers in business, research and development of new Green Technologies and services.

A Stable Economy, lower unemployment rates, less people on disability, saves millions of dollars to the Government and creates a cash flow to reduce Government loans, liabilities, attracts global investors, jobs, shares, better stable stock market, higher returns on money, this can stabilize the Canadian Dollar, Stabilize Foreign and Domestic Trading practices.

Low income families or persons

Offer a 0 ZERO down payment purchase a home plan

They pay the mortgage
Government pays water, gas, and hydro costs

This will stabilize the mortgages and Real Estate Markets
Giving consistent Sales and Jobs

= Federal, Provincial, Municipal TAX dollars

Government pays down payment and closing costs

Government direct pays Mortgage & Taxes to Bank, Home loans

This can attract International Investors in Real Estate

Creates jobs for Construction, Home Décor, Plumbers, Electricians, Landscapers, Gas, City Workers, Hydro, Waterlines = Property Tax Income for Cities

Government gets a percentage of taxes to recover costs for down payment, closing costs (recycled money)

Inflow = outflow = no extra costs on yearly government budgets

These are my solutions to three major problems you’ve been unable to solve so far.
Tobacco Smoke
Housing for Low income families and persons
Job Creation

All 3 solutions = millions of dollars in TAX revenue for the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments. It lowers unemployment rates and provides higher international investors into Canada.


Linda Chisholm


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