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The Idea Girl SAys… Don’t be Afraid to DIE Learn to Live Courageously with CANCER

January 12, 2016

The Idea Girl SAys… Don’t be Afraid to DIE Learn to Live Courageously with CANCER

and other diseases that the Doctor tells you is going to shorten your life span. Learn to live in the moment, be happy with your time on Earth and do something great before you pass on into your next life/death….

The idea girl says
that is the message I see in Robin Jay’s The Secrets of the Keys Film 2015.

I’ve been waiting to start blogging my notes and reviews on the film. Robin Jay was kind enough to send me a copy and asked me to write what I think about it. Since I have a way with words (ergo my many blogs lol) I’m tickled pink that she asked me!

It’s been a few years since Robin Jay and I met (online but not in person). She published me in The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Life (my FIRST publishing! in 2010) after she read my book review on her – The Art of the Business Lunch book. 🙂

You know those movies where someone blogs and then they are offered a book deal? I got to write an “intro” for her and sixty other authors (The Power of the Platform is a trilogy of three books.) and viola I got connected to more than 60 authors because of it…

It’s always a pleasure to promote books, book trailers, and the films for books, or films in general. Some of you make the mistake of trying to get a hold of me on TWITTER @theideagirl – I hardly ever read it, sorry!

The best way to show me what you’d like blogged is via Facebook. For people I’ve done projects with, it’s via email. 🙂

I started blogging the film in NOvember 2015 and then I had to stop as per Robin’s instructions. There were somethings that needed attending too. So now that I have the go ahead, I have to review my notes because I can’t remember a dam thing! lol

I’m going to do a individual piece on each speaker, highlighting what I learnt from the film – The Secrets of the Keys and how it will enrich your life too! 🙂

jan 12, 2016

film trailer views on youtube – 3,921
( I always keep tabs on how many more views a film will get after I start blogging it and making it FRESH on GOOGLE search engines!) 🙂


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